#RHONY S07E06 “Double Down on Delusion”

This is one of the cities of The Real Housewives franchise that I enjoy because it is not as intense as the others. The drama is arguably more lighthearted than the others. However, I do feel that eight housewives is too much. There’s not enough minutes in the hour to give all of these women a fair portrayal of who they are because, let’s be honest, Bethenny will get the most screen time given that it is now The Bethenny Show. Since, I haven’t blogged on the other episodes and we’re only at episode 6, I will give my brief opinions on each episode and the women.

Episode 1

I didn’t enjoy this episode so much, mostly because I think it was ridiculous that it was mostly about Bethenny crying about being homeless while she’s checking into luxury hotels. Also, she’s said that she’s relieved that her talk show got cancelled because it was too much pressure and she felt restrained. Really? Didn’t she say that it was always her dream to have her own talk show? Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean. With that being said, I have a pretty good idea as to why her show failed. She trashed her soon to be ex husband way too much on that show and she rarely gave her guests the opportunity to talk. She always overpowered them in the conversations and always reverted the conversations back to herself. Just saying… I thought Bethenny coming back would be good for the show but I feel like Bethenny is playing Bethenny on a show. Does that make sense? Granted, she’s always been this bitchy and cut throat, but this time around it feels more rehearsed. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Episode 2

It was only the second episode and Ramona and Bethenny had already clashed. Damn. It definitely feels like the old days…to an extent. I’ll just say that I can’t believe they were arguing over who’s coming to who’s brunch. Ugh. Rich people’s problems.


Episode 3

The battle of the brunches continued and I was over it. Is that the best these women have to offer in terms of drama? If so, spare me.


Kelly Bensimon makes an appearance in this episode and Bethenny is making a big deal out of it, though in many interviews she’s claimed to be at peace with Kelly. But I get it, she’s filming a show and on the show, they had a rivalry.


Episode 4

Bethenny throws herself a last minute birthday party and only invited some of the girls, Carole being one of them. Heather was also there. Kristen was upset that she wasn’t invited and I don’t understand why because she doesn’t know Bethenny and Bethenny has every right to invite who she wants to her birthday. Emphasis on HER BIRTHDAY. Later on Heather tries to explain to Bethenny why Kristen’s feeling was a little hurt. I love Heather for being a good friend to people. Bethenny basically shuts Heather down in the bitchiest way possible. Seriously, this chick is so rude. It’s a wonder how so many people like her so much.


Episode 5

Bethenny has lunch with Sonja to try and figure out what Sonja’s business is all about. At the end of the lunch Bethenny was left dumbfounded, much like the rest of us.


Then, Bethenny was invited to Sonja’s viewing or something like that and Bethenny was left even more dumbfounded. I feel bad for Sonja. She is sad to watch and she is clearly in a lot of pain. She does not belong on this show because she is not doing any favors for herself or for her daughter. She is not living in reality and should come back when she does.

Episode 6

The episode starts out with Kristen, Heather, Dorinda and Sonja fighting because they are supposed to go to Atlantic City and Sonja is running late and is not allowing the girls to come inside her house. Instead she tells them to wait outside in the cold while it is raining. Well that’s pretty damn rude. I get Sonja feels a certain way in regards to Heather, and that’s only because Heather has been saying the truth about Sonja, but you don’t treat people like that. Sonja needs to get out of her own way. Even Bethenny agrees that Sonja is not all the way together in the head.


An hour later the limo arrives. Bethenny arrives late and Heather is still pissed. Sonja gets in the car and immediately tells Heather that since they’re travelling together, they need to be talking to each other but all Heather wants is an apology while Sonja is trying to justify her behavior.


They continue to argue back and forth and, like Ramona…


They make a pit stop so that Bethenny can pee. Really? Do we really need to see her pee on camera again? Ramona tries to pee but she can’t because, like me, she has a very shy bladder.

They finally arrive to Atlantic City and I’m relieved for them. Heather, LuAnn and Carole are in one suite while Ramonja and Dorinda are in another and Bethenny and Kristen have their own rooms. LuAnn and Carole finally show up and Heather informs them about the incident at Sonja’s house while Sonja is farting while taking selfies with Ramona and Dorinda. Fun gals!

It’s time for dinner. Bethenny is making a skinny girl drink. Kristen forgot one of her shoes so she’s wearing two different shoes. It actually would work if she wore a different dress. It goes with the purse but not with her dress…which looks like her season 6 reunion dress. Oh and Carole is in a long black dress with bunny ears. Heather is an hour late and Bethenny calls her out on it. Oops.


Finally, they all leave for dinner. Sonja is already tipsy and I’m already biting my nails. Nothing good can come from Sonja when she drinks. She starts talking, the other wives throw their digs at her and it’s mean. At this point it’s like kicking someone while  they’re down. Just let it go, leave her be. This woman needs help and she’s in pain. Remember that. She tells Bethenny that she’s been in PR her entire life and even though Bethenny told Sonja that these girls are mean to her, she’s being mean to Sonja.


Ramona tries to remedy the situation but it’s too late. Sonja is crying. She’s tuned out and gone back to her own world. Ramona admits that it feels weird to not wear her wedding ring anymore and that she feels a little jealous when she sees other women wearing their wedding rings. I get it.

LuAnn says that Ramona is better off without him and that she’s a far more interesting person to her now that she’s single. Bethenny points out that it’s not because she’s single, it’s because she’s been going through an experience that’s very humbling– especially for somebody in the public light.

They all head out to do some gambling. Ramonja are playing blackjack together while the others are off doing their own thing. Ramona is having a lot of good luck with blackjack while Bethenny is getting nada enchalada.

It’s time to hit the dance floor. Woohoo!


Everyone seems to be having a good time. Sonja is drunk and is continuing her babbling with Bethenny.


She is also sloppy and is flashing her vagina to the cameras, while LuAnn is keeping an eye on her… lady bits.


Dorinda decides to take Sonja to bed because everybody has abandoned her at this point. Dorinda is not in the mood to socialize and Sonja keeps rambling on and on. She’s talking about how she used to party with JFK and Madonna. “Well, John John’s dead, so that’s difficult,” Dorinda reminds her.


The next day Sonja wakes up refreshed as if she wasn’t super drunk the night before. Everyone is talking about her and Bethenny decides to take Sonja aside and have a heart to heart with her. She tells her that she cannot continue on this path of living in the past. She understands that Sonja has been in pain since she’s divorced, but that was years ago and she needs to be living in the present.

Bethenny also tells her that she should not be mixing prescription pills with alcohol as it is dangerous. Sonja tells her that they are just vitamins that may react badly with alcohol. Sonja reminds me a bit of Kim Richards in the sense that I don’t feel either of them live in the real world.

At the end of the episode, it’s abundantly clear that Sonja did not hear a word of what Bethenny was saying and it is frustrating. It also goes to show that nobody can help Sonja except herself.  I do hope she gets that help sooner rather than later.

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#RHONY: An Assessment Of All The ‘Wives

The Real Housewives of New York City is one of the more lighthearted ones out of the franchises. Sure, they have their fair share of drama, but it never got nasty and vicious until last season. From having a countess and a princess to throwing wine glasses and a prosthetic leg, one thing is for sure: there’s never a dull moment with these women.


Alex McCord- (Season 1-4) My sweet, weird Alex. In the beginning she was very shy and timid and seemed like a desperate social climber along with her husband, Simon. But, as the seasons progressed, she grew on me. It took her 3 seasons to finally find her voice and stand up to the women who walked all over her. I’m looking at you Jill, LuAnn and Kelly! Alex no longer resides in the U.S. of A, now. She’s moved to Australia with Simon and the kids. Alex, we’ll miss you! Well, I will at least.


Aviva Drescher- (Season 5-6) Aviva is probably one of my least favorite out of the all the New York housewives. From the get-go, I noticed she was a bit 2-faced with the ladies– telling Ramona one thing, then telling the others another. She’s also one of the most high maintenanced out of the group. When she was a little girl, her foot got caught in a conveyor belt and her foot had to be amputated. She’s made it her mission to help those wearing a prosthesis and I think that’s fabulous. However, she’s managed to piss off literally all of her cast members and even production (allegedly), hence why she is now fired. I say good riddance to bad rubbish. She often acts like a spoiled brat, which she was because she’s admitted that her parents spoiled her all of her life. One of the reasons she’s my least favorite New York housewife is because she brought her father on the show. That man is beyond disgusting. Ick! Furthermore, in her final season, most of her cast mates were fed up with her diva behavior and excuses and when they confronted her, she couldn’t wait to throw her prosthetic leg at them in an attempt to save her a spot for next season. Sorry, your plans didn’t work, Aviva! Her next role is a stint on Couples Therapy. Word on the street is that she did a lie detector test and when asked if she married her husband for his money, she lied.



Bethenny Frankel- (Season 1-3, 7-present) Bethenny was the underdog of the group and probably my favorite RHONY. She came on the show and started with nothing and literally built herself an empire by her 3rd and final season. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Her friendship with former friend, Jill Zarin, was one of the reasons why most tuned in to watch the show, including me. Which is why everybody took Bethenny’s side when Jill tried to annihilate her on national television. Not to mention she’s the only one out of the group who got her own spin off show and then her own talk show. Bethenny won housewives and now she’s returning for the 7th season and I couldn’t be more excited!


Carole Radziwill- (Season 5-present) Carole is the princess of the group, literally. Her late husband was a prince. But she’s not your ordinary princess. Oh, no. She’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks to your face. In my opinion, Carole has a similar personality to Bethenny in the sense that they are both blunt and honest, and they have similar sense of humor. Also, she’s like the Carrie Bradshaw of the group but more fabulous. Oh, yeah, and she’s the only one who’s level-headed enough to deal with the 2 headed monster that is Ramonja. I live for Carole Radziwell.


Cindy Barshop- (Season 4) Cindy, what can I say about her? Seriously, I’m asking you because I don’t think I remember anything about her at all. I think the only thing I remember about her was her inviting the group to her place in Long Island and literally nobody wanted to go.


Heather Thomson- (Season 5-present) I love me some Heather. She’s the only one out of the group that keeps it real. She sparked a bit of controversy for her use of the word “Holla.” It’s an innocuous word, get over it. She’s fiercely loyal and protective of her friends and a damn good mama to her kids. Not to say that the others aren’t great parents, they are. Heather’s not afraid to call her cast mates out on their bullshit. But how could you not love Heather? She gives everybody a fair chance, and a second chance and a third…maybe more. She’s there for her friends if and when they need her. Heather is simply Yummie.


Jill Zarin- (Season 1-4) Jill definitely was a firecracker on the show. She wasn’t afraid to run her mouth to people’s faces, mostly behind their backs. She walked all over the people she thought were weaker until they decided to fight back. Yes, I’m talking about Alex. Her downfall was when she was willing to sacrifice her friendship with Bethenny for ratings. It backfired on her majorly as almost the entire cast turned their backs on her after plotting to take Bethenny down. She tried to redeem herself in season 4 but never recovered.


Kelly Bensimon- (Season 2-4) If I could describe Kelly in one word, I would choose psycholusional, because she’s a combination of both psychotic and delusional. From the moment she got on the show, I sensed something was wrong this this bombshell. She let Bethenny know, fairly quickly, that she was beneath her. Kelly always contradicted herself on the show. She doesn’t support killing animals for fur but she has no problem wearing real fur and leather. She doesn’t believe that a woman her age should be showing her body to the world but she did Playboy. Then, on that fateful night on Scary Island, Kelly went off the deep end. She had a complete breakdown and hallucinated Bethenny killing her, while Bethenny was living in engagement and pregnant bliss. She freaked out her entire cast mates, and to this day still believes she had a break-through and not a breakdown. Okay, Kelly, if you say so.


Kristen Taekman- (Season 6-present) Kristen came on the show with opinions and wasn’t afraid to voice them. Her marital issues to her husband, Josh, played a huge part of her first season. She wasn’t afraid to take on Ramona, even after Ramona threw many glasses of wine and an actual wine glass at her, splitting her lip. Although I like Kristen, she can be a bit whiny. I’m looking forward to what else she brings to the table next season.


Countess LuAnn De Lesseps- (Season 1-present) I’ll be honest, I was not a fan of The Countess at all. I thought she was very pretentious and very condescending towards her cast mates because of her title. For 4 seasons she milked the “Countess” title and it was very sickening. However, I did feel sorry for her after her husband left her for another woman and she was left raising her two teenage kids on her own. Then she met her now-ex-boyfriend, Jacques. In season 5 when she went to St. Barth’s with the other girls, she allegedly had an affair with a Johnny Depp look-alike pirate. Season 6 was when I finally liked her. To me, she let her guard down and we saw the real LuAnn. She seemed much more authentic and I was sad for her when her relationship with Jacques came to an end. I will miss LuJacques.


Ramona Singer- (Season 1-present) Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. Watching Ramona is like being on a roller-coaster, hence why Bethenny came up with the term, “The Ramonacoaster.” This housewife has absolutely no filter when it comes to her mouth. She literally thinks out loud and offends almost everybody she meets. There was something a bit lovable about her, though. That is, until she became this mean old lady last season. She was throwing and wasting wine and threw a wine glass at Kristen, cutting her lip. I personally think Ramona needs to get off the show because her nasty attitude is ruining the show. Turtle time is over, Ramona!


Sonja Morgan- (Season 3-present) My dear, sweet, delusional Sonja. When we first met Sonja, she was very shy, humble and sexy. By her second season, the egotistical, self-absorbed Sonja took over. She has an endless supply on interns working for her. I think that’s genius and hilarious. She also has a $7 million judgment against her from a movie deal gone wrong. As much as I like Sonja, she needs to come back to Earth. But, I guess she has her homeless friend in Ireland tweeting for her to make her seem more grounded. right?

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