#RHOA: A Perspective of Season 7

I’ll be honest, I stopped blogging about this show before my computer crashed. These women are vicious, angry and no longer fun to watch. They are not real friends and they genuinely do not like one another and that does not make good TV. At least for me it doesn’t. Just like RHOBH, I’ll start by giving my perspective of the Georgia peaches.


Nene Leakes- She came into the season off of her Zumanity high and as soon as she landed back in the A-T-L, her face was made up like she smelled some dog shi–. It was pretty evident this season that Nene does not like any of the girls and she clearly did not want to film with them. If that was the case, there’s a simple solution for that, darlin’: quit. I mean, you’re rich, aren’t you? Oh, wait, if she quit the show then she wouldn’t be rich anymore. Look, I respect all that Nene’s accomplished and I give her kudos for all of it, but humility goes a long way. I would say she should have a slice of humble pie but I’m pretty sure she needs the entire pie…maybe 2. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be proud of everything she’s done, but her ego is so damn big that it needs to be holding its own peach. When she returns for season 8, I hope we get the Nene from season 5. She was a joy to watch then. This one, not so much. She’s always grumpy and act like she’s better than everyone and believes that everything anybody does is to come for her. #GirlBye.


Kenya Moore- This was a very big season for Kenya. For Kenya, this was the season of vindication. For the last 2 seasons her character had been assassinated by Phaedra and the others based on lies that Apollo told on her. I won’t blame the entire fiasco on Apollo, because I have to keep it real. Kenya gave the other housewives a plethora of ammunition to use against her. It’s like Peter said at the reunion: Kenya got a bad rep from the start because of her personality. Also, in the spirit of keeping it real, I must admit, as much as I like Kenya, I do think that she studied the show before she came on it. Which is a smart thing to do because she’s definitely been a lightning rod on the show. Not to mention that ratings have increased immensely since she joined. I do enjoy Kenya and her antics on the show. After Kim and Sheree left, there’s no way Nene could carry this show on her own.


Kandi Burruss- Kandi has been my favorite since she joined. She’s always been consistent, kind, neutral and very down to earth. This season Kandi also got the bad edit this season as being the “bad friend” to the morally corrupt Phaedra Parks. Phaedra had insinuated that she hadn’t spoken to Kandi for months and that  Kandi hadn’t been there for her. I have a problem with that. Why? Although Kandi admitted that she didn’t text Phaedra every day, they never went months without talking. Kandi actually revealed, and it’s on YouTube, the timeline of all the times they’ve talked and hung out together from before the show was filmed and Apollo was sentenced, all the way to filming. They talked frequently, though not as frequent as they used to. Not to mention, Kandi was the one who gave Phaedra the heads up about Apollo spreading those chocolatey rumors. Furthermore, Kandi had problems of her own regarding her marriage, her play and one of her own relatives was going to jail around the same time as Apollo. Sure, it wasn’t her husband, but it was family nonetheless. Kandi shouldn’t take it personally though. I think Phaedra threw Kandi under the bus to deflect what was really happening in her life at the time. I won’t say what it is, but I’ll give you a hint: Angela Stanton.

Screenshot (150)

Phaedra Parks- The self-proclaimed Southern Belle and Christian had it the worst this season. Her husband went to jail for fraud and her scandalous ways were put in the spotlight. I do feel sympathy for her boys because one day they will watch the show and see how their mother vilified their father. I’m not saying he’s not a piece of garbage for what he did, but still, that is something that should be kept private and if there ever was a time and reason for Phaedra to quit the show, this should have been it. But of course, a famewhore will do anything to remain relevant.


Cynthia Bailey- Cynthia was definitely the most outspoken that she’s ever been on this show. She took no nonsense from anybody and threw shade like nobody’s business. I will say, as much as I liked this side of Cynthia, she was a little bit messy in the way she did things. For example, when she called out Phaedra on her alleged affair with Mr. Chocolate, she should have left that to Kenya because she was clearly uncomfortable bringing it up. This season, her friendship with Nene deteriorated despite her efforts to make peace.


Claudia Jordan- The woman that snatched the peach right out of Porsha’s hands. I enjoyed Claudia this season. She kept it real, seems genuine and just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the fire up inside her to get you all the way together. Bitch, she ain’t no puppet. And we all found that out. I hope she returns for season 8. She probably gave the best reads of the season. Claudia, I love ya!

NOTE: I will not be commenting Porsha because she was not a main housewife and in my opinion she does not belong on this show. Send that THOT to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. By the way, did anybody else notice that Porsha looked like Tyra Sanchez (RuPaul’s Drag Race) at the reunion?



At the reunion, of course there were insults being hurled left, right and center. Team Beast got read. However, the most memorable moment of the reunion was Nene’s meltdown. After Dr. Jeff joined the housewives, Nene brought up the fact that her mother didn’t raise her and her father never claimed her. She then started to shake and as Kenya was speaking to her, she started to cry and was escorted off the reunion stage with Dr. Jeff, Porsha, Phaedra and Cynthia. Gregg then revealed to Andy that Nene and her brother were sent to Atlanta while their other three siblings stayed in New York with their mom. “It bugged her all her life,” Gregg said. After her breakthrough, Nene seemed to understand that she was a big part of the negativity this season, but we’ll see if it was really a breakthrough or just bullshit. I’d like to say I’m hopeful that this means she will change her ways but I think we all know better than that. It’s a shame.

At this point, I have no idea if I’ll be watching the show next season. This cast needs some serious shaking up and by shaking up of course I mean fire, Phaedra and Porsha. I don’t want to see a random– excuse me, Princess of the hoes on my screen anymore and I don’t want to see the devil in toad’s clothing either. The only reason I call Phaedra a toad is because she looks like one and felt froggy with Kenya. Ribbit.

All in all, it was a bad season. I was barely entertained and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

What did you all think of this season? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.


#RHOA S07E11 “Divide And Ki-Ki” Recap

It’s week 11 in the A-T-L and I’m exhausted by these women. They don’t like each other, there are too many double standards and Team Beast needs to go because they are not entertaining to watch at all. This recap might be a bit short because I’ve basically checked out a little bit on this show and I’m exhausted.

Screenshot (281)

We pick up right where we left off…with Nene being read. Her comebacks are getting weaker and weaker and Claudia is eating this girl alive.


Kandi says that basically Claudia is telling Nene everything everybody’s ever wanted to tell her…and then some. Cynthia is loving the fact that Nene is getting read like no one has ever read her and I am loving Cynthia’s new interview look:

Screenshot (301)

Nene tells Claudia that Hollywood isn’t looking for her, but Claudia tells her that Atlanta is…


YAASSS, Claudia! Tell her, girl! Nene pretty much doesn’t have anymore comebacks for Claudia and Team Pretty walks away from the table. I was really hoping one of them would pull back the front of Nene’s wig to show us how bald she really is, but I guess in life you can’t always get what you want.

After they leave the table, Porsha and Phaedra resume to laugh like the mindless idiots that they are and Nene continues to talk more shit behind their back and it is weak. Claudia apologizes to Kenya, Demetria and Cynthia but I don’t see any need to, but it says a lot about her character to do so.

Screenshot (282)

The next day, Kandi calls Don Juan to try and organize things for her musical tour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get to happen. I need to buy the DVD, though. I want to see it. Claudia goes to the restaurant bar and orders a Pina Colada with extra rum in the early morning. My kind of girl.

Nene and her puppets are talking about last night and they’re on mute. I feel like I’m killing my brain cells when I hear the three of them speaking together.

Demetria is rehearsing for her big night and seems to be under a lot of pressure. Girl, you’ll do fine. Your voice is amazing.

Screenshot (283)

Kenya, Claudia and Cynthia meet up for drinks and Cynthia praises Claudia as the new queen of shade. All hail the queen. Kenya wishes– at that time– that she could hit replay and watch it all again because


It really was. They also officially welcome her into the group. I guess that means that by that time, Claudia had snatched Porsha’s peach because I read that this was the trip that the producers decided to make Claudia a full time housewife.

Screenshot (284)

At the hotel, Demetria visits Miss Piggy– I mean Phaedra– in her room…that her man paid for…after she was disrespected by Phaedra. She apologizes for crossing the line with Phaedra and of course Phaedra doesn’t apologize for starting the whole beef between them in the first place. Demetria is clearly the better person but then again, anybody’s a better person than the morally corrupt Phaedra Parks.

Screenshot (285)

Kandi arranges a do-over Kandi Koated Sex Party that was ruined at her house. She hopes that it will bring the girls closer together by having some fun. A few comments are made about who Porsha is banging and the answer to that is a married African dude. I know Porsha is dumb and all, but it takes a special kind of dummy to think that she can afford a Rolls Royce after walking away with nothing from her divorce and nobody will be suspicious.

Screenshot (286)

The next day, Team Beast and Kandi are on the beach while Team Pretty are hanging out by the pool at the hotel. Phaedra is in a 2-piece with a cover up that’s not covering anything. I am mortified. That woman does not belong in a 2 piece. She looks like a mint-chocolate chip mud slide.

Screenshot (288)

It’s time for Demetria’s performance and all the ‘wives get in the bus and head over to the venue. Nene does something that she never does, apologize to Claudia– which we all know is a fake apology because when you do apologize, it means you’ve learned your lesson and you don’t do it again.

Nene says that one thing she will never do to a woman is diminish her accolades and Claudia points out that she has by calling her a whore. She also calls out the group for having a double standard; ie, Nene and her minions can do or say whatever they want and it’s fine but when Team Pretty does it in retaliation, it’s uncalled for and unacceptable.

Basically nothing gets resolved, Nene was read a second time and Porsha finally got called out about her married African sugar daddy. They arrive at Demetria’s concert late but are just in time to hear her sing her last song. Demetria killed it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.

#RHOA S07E10 “Puerto Read-co!” Recap

It’s the episode we’ve been waiting for! The episode appropriately named “Puerto Read-co.” I’ve been hearing about this trip for months after it was filmed. I read that Claudia had read Nene for filth and I could not wait to see it. I must admit, this episode did not disappoint, nor did Claudia. I’m glad somebody finally put Nene in her place. This is probably the shadiest episode ever in the history of the show. And the best shade came from Claudia. YAAASS!!! Claudia became my favorite Atlanta housewife in this episode. I already loved her, but my love grew. It’s a battle between Team Pretty versus Team Beast and tonight, Team Pretty won.

Screenshot (245)

We start off with Kenya accompanying Claudia to the doctor to see if she can “fix” the mess that she’s been telling us about known as her feet; specifically, her toes. The time has come for Claudia to show her toes once and for all and Kenya’s reaction sums it up best for everyone watching.


I also have to give kudos to Claudia for revealing it in front of the world. That took guts, more than what’s hanging over Nene’s pants. The doctor says that basically she has to have surgery to correct everything so she’ll just have to hide her toes in the sand in Puerto Rico.

Screenshot (246)

Kandi meets up with Demetria for drinks and Kandi apologizes to her because she felt bad about the bomb that her friend had dropped on her at her house. A lot of people are accusing Kandi of setting up Demetria. Do I believe it? No. That seems like something her BFF would do, or Nene or Porsha. Kandi has remained the same humble person she was since she started the show. Demetria accepts her apology and respects Kandi’s hustle. Kandi gives her some sex advice and all is well between the two.

Screenshot (247)

Kenya meets Cynthia at The Bailey Agency (ooh, that sounds so chic) along with Cynthia’s assistant, Carlton. They’re trying to help Kenya find a new assistant. She gives them the qualifications her assistant will need and Cynthia said it best, “Michelle Obama needs less help than Kenya does.” Kenya is channeling her inner Miranda Priestly.


The assistants leave and Kenya tells Cynthia that she’s still upset about Nene giving her the cold shoulder at Kandi’s party. At this point, I don’t see why she is surprised. The only person Nene loves is Nene. There’s no more room for anybody else. Nene is her own WCW (woman crush Wednesday) and MCM (man crush Monday). They both come to the realization that Nene is just mean. Welcome to the club, ladies. We took those rose covered glasses off a long time ago. Cynthia doesn’t know who’s coming to Puerto Rico. Will it be NayNay, Nene or Flip-flopping Nene? Kenya’s response to that:

Ooh, so shady. I’m living for all this shade!

Screenshot (248)

Nene is on her way to meet Demetria at the studio. On her way she calls Phaedra. Now, am I the only one who thinks this friendship is bullshit? They’ve hated each other ever since Phaedra got on the show, now all of a sudden Nene’s doing interviews saying that she was Phaedra’s rock? Anyway, Demetria can sing! Where was she when Kandi was doing Don’t Be Tardy For The Party? Phaedra arrives after Nene and she’s acting like a bitter old lady. I will say that I believe Phaedra should be in jail with her huzzzband, but the difference between her and Apollo is she’s just a little bit smarter than him. #TeamAngelaStaton

Screenshot (249)

Demetria, Kandi and Porsha are the first ones to arrive in Puerto Rico. Damn, ever since Porsha got her married sugar daddy she’s been acting like she’s the queen. Well, the real queen snatched her peach. Ha! Plus, she’s wearing the smallest dress ever and the highest shoes. She looks like a damn fool. On the rooftop, Demetria says that the only person she’s been having some tension with is Phaedra. Kandi and Porsha try to assure her that Phaedra is a good person. No, Kandi’s just a good friend. Phaedra is the furthest thing from a good person– and a Christian for that matter.

Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia are the next to arrive aka Team Pretty. Kenya says they’re going to hold the others’ heads in the water until they become nice. Basically like a baptism/exorcism– a bexorcism. Well, if that’s their plan, then they’re definitely going to murder some heifers. Kenya loves that she’s on an all expense paid vacation, courtesy of Roger Bobb.


They arrive at the hotel and Demetria basically ditches Kandi and Porsha to be with them. She tells them about the reading Phaedra has been doing to her and Kenya basically tells her to address it and be honest about how she feels. Good advice, but not the right person to discuss your issues with, girl. Have you forgotten how she is when you try to hold her accountable for her actions?

Nene and Phaedra arrive last. Yeah, that’s it. Boring. These two do not belong on the show. Phaedra is a boring criminal (allegedly) and Nene is just plain boring with a bad wig on. Bravo is wasting their money on this woman.

After arriving to the hotel, Demetria shows Nene to her room and she’s immediately being a bitch. Well, if she doesn’t like it then maybe she can pay for her own suite. I mean, she is rich, y’all! Phaedra throws some shade at Demetria’s stylist and I’m over this woman.

Screenshot (251)

The time has come for Claudia to read the hell out of Nene. I have my popcorn ready. Let’s begin. Claudia, Kenya, Cynthia and Demetria are the first ones to sit at the table, followed by Kandi and Team Beast. Demetria immediately addresses Phaedra about the unnecessary shade she’s been throwing at her and Phaekdra is instantly on the defense. Phaedra tells Demetria that at her age, should she really be trying to become a pop star and Demetria reminds her that she’s younger than her.

Demetria also calls her out for throwing shade at her relationship with Roger and Phaedra tries to throw more shade. Well, Demetria is having NONE of it and gives her a good read, “The only thing we have in common is the number eight. Yours is going and mine’s been here for eight.” Phaedra is stumbling to find words and says that unlike Demetria she has a ring from her husband. I’m pretty sure that ring belongs to the countless victims Apollo scammed.

Cynthia tries to make peace between the two and Nene, the rude bull that she is, (and I meant bull not bully because she looks and chews like one) shuts her down. Oh, Nene was all for Cynthia having a backbone in the past, just not when it’s against her. Got it. The table is silent for a while.

Claudia tries to make peace and Nene tries to come for her. I’m literally shouting to my screen, “Nene…

oda mae brown

In her confessional, Nene is saying that Claudia is not the “it” girl. All the while looking like this:


If this is what an “it” girl is supposed to look like, Claudia is lucky she isn’t one. “Oh, you have your own brain? Oh okay,” Nene quips. “Why wouldn’t I have my own brain? Nene stop,” Claudia fires back. It’s on from here!

Claudia: From the woman who’s the puppet master.

Nene: Puppet master? Giiiirl.

In her confessional Claudia makes it known, “Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I don’t have the fire up inside me to get you together. Bitch, I ain’t no puppet. You about to find out.”

tumblr_ni2tzgkwfX1ql5yr7o1_500Nene: I’m a puppet master on these jobs, though.

Claudia: What jobs? The ones that got cancelled?

Nene: My checks didn’t get cancelled though. You wish you had what I had in the bank, darling.

Have you ever noticed that the moment Nene is losing an argument, she starts to flaunt her bank account in everyone’s faces? Nobody cares, honey. The only one checking for your bank account is you.

Claudia: I do, you’re right. For 17 years I’ve been working. I pay my own bills, I don’t have to get on a pole.

Nene: You know you filed bankruptcy, girl.

Claudia: Never been arrested!

Nene: I was arrested in my twenties when I was in college.

Claudia: You went to college?

Kenya: Seven times.

And never graduated either!

Nene: You need to pull my record.

Claudia: Spell “bridesmaids!” The “S” is not silent, honey.

Nene: Let’s talk about something now. I’m in my 40’s. You’re in your 40’s.

Claudia: I am, but we look 20 years apart at least.

Then, the best line of the night:


Even Kandi admits that Claudia is reading Nene like “Hooked on Phonics.” YAASSS! Nene shows Cluadia the back of her head and tells her bye. Also funny to note, whenever Nene doesn’t have a response, she tells somebody “Girl, bye.” And she says that Claudia needs to have her argument with the queen. I was looking around to see if Lawrence showed up because he’s the only queen I know about in that group. Nene’s just a drag.

Claudia calls her out about her being so rich but buying Ramen Noodles looking hair.


The only response Nene can come up with is “Yes, this is the hair I choose to buy.”


Realizing that she’s on the losing end, Nene tries to go for the jugular. She calls Claudia a half-breed and a whore. I’m done with this pig. To be continued, folks.

Well, this episode was electric. As I said, I for one am happy that Claudia put Nene in her place. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

What did you all think of last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.

#RHOA S07E09 “Shades of Shade” Recap

Hey, guys. Once, again, I apologize that I haven’t been posting. It’s been hectic lately and I finally have some time to write my recaps.

Screenshot (221)

Cynthia and Peter are out scouting for a new location for Bar One. I’m sure the editors added in the police sirens to make it seem like a dangerous place. The new location for Bar One is a mess but Cynthia is excited because she sees potential to make anything she wants to. Well go on girl, with ya bad self! I’ll be looking forward to the end results. By the way, if you ever need help, call Lisa Vanderpump. You know that woman has amazing taste.

Screenshot (222)

Claudia visits Kandi at the Kandi factory. Even though we’re still getting to know Claudia, I love her…like more than I do a lot of the other women. There’s something about her that is very real and down to Earth that I like. Anyway, back to the show. Claudia says that she likes to learn from her friends and Kandi seems like the type of person she can learn from who is also supportive without the jealousy and hostility attached. You hit the nail on the head with that one.

They click immediately and Kandi does an impromptu audition for Claudia to be on Kandi Koated Nights. Yep, I enjoy Kenya and Claudia together, but Kandi and Claudia are just as hilarious. I’m going to need more segments of these two together. Bravo, make it happen. Oh yeah, Claudia also spill the beans about Porsha’s African boyfriend. And to think in season 5 everyone was calling Kenya a copycat for the booty DVD.

Phaedra is… I could care less. I do not like this donkey ass at all. Skipping!

Screenshot (223)

Kenya takes her aunt, Lori, to get facials. I have to say, Kenya is slaying in that outfit. I’m going to need her to dress like that from now on. YAASSS, honey! Aunt Lori says that the facial is better than botox and Kenya says that natural is always better and that you only do botox when you look like Nene.


Kenya tells Lori about the dinner she had with Nene and Porsha and she’s actually happy about making amends with them. She also tells Lori that Nene had mentioned that they are friends again. Girl, you know that heifer did not mean that.

Screenshot (224)

Nene is at her house and Gregg is tagging along. Her agent calls her and tells her about some offers she’s gotten to do Broadway, one of them being Cinderella. Nene picked Cinderella. She says that she cannot relate to playing the evil stepmother.


I live for that! Bitch, stop playin’!


You know you shady as hell.

Screenshot (225)

It’s time for Kandi Koated Nights! With their special guest, Claudia!!! Kandi says it can be frustrating working with Todd because they both like to run everything and that causes them to bump heads. It’s a partnership now, Boo. Compromise!

The topic for the episode is business versus pleasure. The upside of Kandi’s relationship with Todd is that when she does a good show, Todd gets a good show at home. The downside is that it turns into business all the time. Kandi’s female co-host is hilarious.

It’s time for Claudia!!! To set the record straight, Claudia has never messed with Jamie Foxx. Too bad, I would have. Since she used to be on The Price is Right, they’re playing a game called, What Would You Do For The Right Price. Ooh, I already know I’m going to love it. I should try this with my friends. For five hundred dollars, she would French kiss Kandi. Hey, I’d do it for free.

Screenshot (226)

Cynthia meets up with Peter at the old Bar One location. The new location will be closed soon and Cynthia is looking forward to moving on because they had a lot of issues there. She feels confident about the new location being in a historical black neighborhood. Peter reminds her that all of his headaches will be her headaches as well so she better be ready.

Ooh, look, another Phaedra segment.


Screenshot (227)

It’s time for Kandi’s sex talk party. There’s a half naked woman on the table surrounded by desserts. Seeing as it is an all female party, I would think that a half naked man would be better. Just saying. Phaedra arrives. Ugh. Porsha arrives. Why? This chick has been irrelevant ever since Kordell and Kenya dismissed her. Please, Bravo, do not invite her back for season 8.

Cynthia, Claudia and Kenya arrive next, followed by Demetria. Thank God. Then Nene. Kenya goes to give her a hug and Nene gives her the cold shoulder. Nene says that they’re cool but she doesn’t want Kenya thinking and telling people they are friends. Then maybe she shouldn’t have told her they were.


She then completely ices out Claudia. Mm, mm, mm. That’s a low down dirty monkey with a Ramen noodles wig on. Well, Claudia is not having any of it. Claudia pulls her aside and calls her out on it. Nene retaliates saying that they only met once and she doesn’t know her well enough to be excited to see her. Well, she met Demetria for the first time at this party and Demetria got a hug and a kiss… If you want to go around and say you keep it real, then that requires you to be honest. Just say that you don’t like Claudia because she’s friends with Kenya. Isn’t that why Nene is no longer friends with Marlo?

They all gather around and it’s time for them to be strapped next to each other. The doctor calls on Nene and Cynthia and Nene immediately shuts it down. Dear God, this woman does not belong on this show anymore. I’m tired of her ugly ass mug. Kandi then asks Claudia to go sit beside Nene and there goes that mug again. Kandi is over Nene and is all:


Kandi then calls on Kenya to get on her back and she straps on to Kenya. It looks like fun for people who are actually friends. Nene does not belong there because she does not have a single friend in that room.

They all take turns introducing themselves and reveal how long they’ve been in relationships. Nene starts and whatever. Claudia admits to the group that she was married before and it disappointed her family. That’s sad to hear. Kandi’s friend Gocha (Go-shay) has been in a relationship for almost a year. Porsha says that she’s in a long distance relationship and Claudia puts her relationship on blast.

Porsha was in a relationship with a married millionaire from Nigeria and he has 20 other Porshas…and she doesn’t mean the car. The SHADE!!! I live!

It’s Demetria’s turn and she announces that she’s been in an on again, off again relationship with Roger Bobb. Gocha tells Demetria that she dated Roger Bobb during their off again period. Oh, Lord. Here we go. Cynthia said it best:


Demetria gets up and walks out of the party and Cynthia follows her. Demetria believes Gocha (I’m sorry, every time I type and read that girl’s name I’m reading it as “Gotcha”) is lying. Everybody else is questioning Roger’s motives to keeping them so private but Kenya stands up for Demetria and says that he did claim her as his lady. Demetria says that they were together during the time that Gocha says they were together, but in the party, didn’t Demetria confirm that they were not together at that time? I’m confused.

Well this was an interesting episode. I, personally, cannot wait for tonight’s episode. I’ve been  hearing for months that Claudia read Nene for filth in Puerto Rico and tonight we finally get to see it. YAASSS!

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.

#RHOA S07E07 “Nice to Metria” Recap

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! On part 1 of my 3 part gift to you, I’m giving you the recap of Sunday’s RHOA. These women are exhausting to watch but I still do because it’s good tv, although some of them needs to go. Yes, I’m talking about you Nene, Phaedra and Porsha. Nene should go because she’s super negative and uneasy to watch, Phaedra is shady as hell, and Porsha’s stupidity is just sad and painful to watch.


Kandi’s aunt, Nora, is having a cookout. Todd doesn’t look too happy to be there. Probably because Joyce is there. Kandi goes to tell her mom hi and immediately gets the cold shoulder. Mama Joyce is the most hypocritical and ungrateful woman that ever existed. She’s angry that Kandi said she was angry with her boyfriend because he trashed Kandi’s house. How dare Kandi get upset over that.


Over at The Bailey Agency, Cynthia meets with her friend Demetria, who we’re finally being introduced to! She’s doing a casting for her music video. Demetria tells Cynthia and Peter that she has a little bone to pick with Kenya because last year at Peter’s birthday, Peter, Cynthia, Kenya and Roger Bobb (Demetria’s on again off again boyfriend) took a photo together and there were rumors that Kenya and Roger were dating and she didn’t shut it down. No shade, boo, but really? Are you getting worked up over that?

Back at the cookout, Aunt Nora convinces Kandi to talk to her mom and resolve the issue at hand. Kandi starts confronting Joyce on her shitty behavior and Joyce says that she’s taking medication to prevent her from having “anarysms.” Isn’t it funny when Joyce is being called out she fakes something to try and gain sympathy? Her boyfriend trashed her daughter’s house, pissing her off, meanwhile she’s buying you a brand new 7 bedroom house and you get mad at her for being mad?


I feel bad for Kandi. She deserves better.


Kenya is doing a photo shoot for Sheen magazine and Cynthia is helping her perfect her poses. Claudia shows up and they take a break to spill the latest tea. Claudia says she’s still trying to get used to living in Atlanta. She also says that she’s going to an event for Roger Bob and Kenya says that she should probably hook up with him. I’m not going to lie, Roger is a handsome man. He has a very charming smile. Cynthia shuts the idea of Claudia and Roger together down immediately and tells them about her meeting with Demetria. Of course, Kenya is flabbergasted because Roger has never mentioned being in a relationship with her, plus over the course of the 5 years that she’s known him, he’s been dating her girlfriends. (Probably while they were off again)


Nene is gearing up to launch her clothing line on HSN. I can’t really concentrate because of that mini hut on Nene’s head. Girl, what the hell were you thinking? You look a fool. A DAMN fool! This is me as Nene debuts her new clothing line– err, wig.


Wait a minute, wasn’t Nene the one throwing shade at Lisa Wu and Sheree for having a clothing line? Didn’t she say something to the effect of it being “overdone?” Oh, that’s right, it’s only overdone if she hasn’t done it. Girl, bye.


Phaedra comes over to Kandi’s house and Kandi’s cousin, who’s like her son, gives Phaedra some advice on how to tell the boys about Apollo going to jail. He actually gives her very good advice but of course they’re wasting their time because we all know Phaedra is not going to take any advice given and she’s going to do whatever the hell she wants. Way to be a good friend though, Kandi.


It’s time for Nene to launch her clothing line on HSN. Dear God, this is so boring. I just caught myself falling asleep. Is this supposed to be the breakout star? The one earning the most money out of all the housewives? This boring-ass wig? Bravo, believe me when I say this, you are wasting your money on Nene Leakes. This woman is boring with a capital snooze!


Kenya’s in a meeting with Roger. She pitches an idea of producing and acting in her own show. I’d love to see it and based on some of Kenya’s recent posts, seems to be coming to fruition. I just hope her pilot gets picked up and the show is a success. Kenya inquires about his relationship with Demetria as he’s never brought her up before, but only because he’s a private person. He does confirm that they are together and he invites Kenya to attend her music video release party.


It’s time for Demetria’s party and Cynthia and Peter are the first ones to show up. Watching this segment, I feel like I’m watching an episode of BET’s The Game. Phaedra and Kandi are the next to arrive, followed by Claudia. I love me some Claudia. Demetria reveals that Roger is not coming to the party and Kandi asks her that as her manager, shouldn’t he be there? Good point. Porsha shows up.


I hope Bravo is phasing her out because this heifer is not good TV. Send her ass to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She’ll fit in perfectly there.

Finally, Kenya arrives and it’s not long before Demetria confronts her about the group picture of her and Roger with Cynthia and Peter.


Demetria really needs to get over that. Kenya assures her that nothing is going on and her relationship with Roger is strictly professional. She has a goal and Roger can help her achieve it. Done. And just like that, their beef has been squashed. Ladies, take note.

Then, Apollo shows up and the mood totally changes. Phaedra is in statue mode. She does not move and does not speak. In one side of his mouth, he’s being an ass and telling her he wants to leave her and in the other he’s saying that he loves her and she’s still his wife and hugs her. It’s super awkward and super gross.


What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Next week’s episode looks pretty intense. Porsha’s ratchet ass goes in on Kenya and somebody needs to put a muzzle on her beak. Let me know what you think in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21!

Merry Christmas!

#RHOA S07E06 “Make Ups and Breakdowns ” Recap

It’s week 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and I’m emotionally exhausted already. While half of them are entertaining, the other half are not. Why? Because these women don’t like each other and they are just plain mean to each other.

Screenshot (143)

We start right back where we left off: with Nene yelling at Cynthia. The other women decide to give them some privacy so they can work out their issues one on one. Nene feels that Cynthia should have told her she had a problem instead of blindsiding her at the reunion. Cynthia feels that she couldn’t tell Nene she had a problem because Nene doesn’t like to hear when she’s wrong, and she’s right. I mean, she did call Peter a bitch when he told her that she was in the wrong– which is also a part of their issues. Cynthia makes it clear that the “bitch” incident was not the only reason she ended the friendship, it was a multitude of things that Nene has done. They clearly love each other and agreed to move forward and hug it out. Now, we all know they will never be friends again. Nene Leakes doesn’t forgive, honey.


Screenshot (144)

Kandi is at home while Todd is in New York working on his new show. Todd tells Kandi that his mom is still pissed about what Mama Joyce said about Todd, Todd’s deceased father, and her. Kandi rolls her eyes. Really, Kandi? Your mom did say some nasty thing about your husband and in-laws. They have a right to feel whatever they’re feeling.

Derek J is visiting Phaedra and I’m skipping it. I can’t stand this woman. Based on the previews from last episode, he goes to her so that she can represent him in court for being sued for stealing a weave. Clearly, he doesn’t want to win this case. Moving on.

Screenshot (147)

Nene is making tea for Gregg and spilling the tea at the same time, while Cynthia is telling Peter of their fake on Nene’s end make up. Peter is non too pleased to hear about the make up. He feels that Cynthia is going to start giving all of her time to Nene again. Peter, rest assured, that that will never happen again.

Nene basically says that they made peace but Cynthia broke her trust and can never be friends with her again. As usual, Nene cannot see past her own damn self. I’m over it. Next.


Screenshot (148)

Kandi meets Todd in New York and he takes her to see his old neighborhood so that she can see where he grew up. He also takes her for pizza and to get her very own pair of Timberlands. Todd is like the ultimate househusband. He has the patience of a saint, he’s cute, charming, funny, sophisticated and everything I want in a man. Kandi is a lucky woman and she needs to stick up for her man more when it comes to her mom. But I’ll let it go.

Screenshot (149)

Cynthia is also in New York as she will be walking in her best friend’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: this woman is gorgeous. She’s feeling a little insecure about her walk but at the end of the day, she needn’t worry because she is ALL.OF.THAT!


Phaedra is visiting Derek J at his salon called The J Spot (wasn’t that the name of Joan’s place in the TV show Girlfriends?) and I’m skipping it. As I said, I can’t stand this woman.

Screenshot (151)

Kandi and Todd meet up with Cynthia and Peter for dinner. Kandi says that Todd and Mama Joyce have been doing a lot better since their wedding. Uh, well she has no choice. The man married her daughter. She should be lucky to have such a great man married to her daughter. However, Todd again brings up that his mom still has a problem and I don’t blame her and she hasn’t been to Atlanta since the wedding. That’s sad. Peter then reveals that his mom is still angry with Cynthia’s mom and sister for hiding the wedding certificate, unbeknownst to Cynthia. Yikes. Kandi wants to move on but Todd says that in order to move on, she has to address the issues first and stop sweeping them under the rug. Listen to your husband, Kandi! Emphasis on huzzzband.

Screenshot (152)

Kenya and Claudia are at a cooking class and I’ve been missing them throughout this episode. I’m sad this is the only bit we see of Claudia for this episode. Not enough. Kenya’s reaction to the food is basically mine every time my mama cooks. YAASSS!

Screenshot (154)

It’s time for Cynthia to walk the runway and Kenya shows up to surprise her. Say what you will about Kenya, but when she’s your friend, she is your friend. She’s supportive and loyal and that’s what I like about her. Cynthia of course is stunning walking on the runway.


Screenshot (155)

Todd and Kandi meet up with Miss Sharon for dinner. We all know what’s coming and I wish Bravo would have deleted this scene out of respect for Miss Sharon and Todd. Miss Sharon lets Kandi know that she has a bone to pick with her mom and Kandi is basically staying quiet but giving her attitude. She doesn’t like it when somebody is talking negatively about her mother. So, she should understand how Todd felt when he saw her mom slandering his mom.

Miss Sharon basically tells Kandi that she’s either going to sue her mom or punch her in the mouth because she ain’t scurred. Miss Sharon is hilarious and she said it like it was and she will be missed. R.I.P Miss Sharon.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me (@SalvaCam21).

Happy Holidays!

#RHOA S07E05 “Friend or Faux” Recap

We’re back to another exhausting episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. These women are very exhausting because 1. they clearly don’t like each other and 2. they’re super nasty to each other. I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. Though I’m loving getting to know Claudia, enjoying Kenya and Cynthia and I will always love Kandi, some things need to change because watching everyone whine and bitch about the same thing every episode is getting annoying.

Screenshot (100)

We start off with Claudia. Did I mention I love Claudia? Kenya comes over for a visit and I love watching these two together. The banter going on between them is pure entertainment. Claudia basically invited her over as a set up so that Kenya can help her set up some stuff in her new apartment and Kenya’s like…


She’d rather give her Javier’s number so that he can set it up for her. Ha. I’m with you, girl.

Screenshot (102)

Kandi and Todd are at Kandi’s old house. You remember, the one that she gave her mom after she moved out. Well, as it turns out, Mama Joyce doesn’t want that house because it’s not in her name. I have a crazy idea. Instead of buying her a new house, why not just put the house in her name? Anyway, going into the house, it is completely ruined, thanks to Mama Joyce’s boyfriend. The real opportunist. Kandi is pissed and Todd is trying to get her to see reason but as usual, there is no sense of reason when it comes to Mama Joyce and Kandi. That’s her mom and I get she will always have respect for her, but at the same time, your mother should have respect for you as an adult and married woman, Kandi. Anyway, Kandi’s going to do what Kandi’s going to do.

Screenshot (103)

Cynthia’s mom and sister are over for a visit. Cynthia’s mom looks gorgeous. Cynthia says she’s tired of Nene talking about her and she’s tired of talking about Nene. Me too, but Cynthia continues to talk about Nene. I can’t wait for them to meet and resolve their issues so that they can stop talking shit behind each other’s back. I know that both of them are hurt but it’s gone on long enough. Time to bury the ratchet.

Screenshot (105)

Kandi visits Phaedra and she tells her about her meeting with Kenya. Phaedra believes that Kenya is acting and questions that just because Apollo apologized to her that somehow erases her bad behavior. Um, no, it doesn’t, but it does clear her name and warrant an apology. Not to mention, Miss Phaedra, a lot of her bad behavior was in retaliation to your remarks that were the catalyst for the feud between you two. Now, be the good, Christian “southern belle” you claim to be and apologize for your part.

Screenshot (106)

Gregg and Nene are out teaching their son, Brent, how to drive. How time has flown. It’s boring and I’m fast forwarding through it. For someone who’s supposed to be the break out star, her solo segments are pretty damn boring.

Screenshot (107)

Claudia and Kenya are out exercising and the personal trainer is F-I-N-E! Claudia opens up on her struggles of growing up as a biracial girl and my heart goes out to her. Ignorance is all around us and the only way we can get rid of it is by educating others. She also opens up about her relationship with her mother and she says that her mother has never said “I love you” to her. That’s heartbreaking to hear. I don’t want to make assumptions but I’m thinking the reason behind that could be, “I don’t have to tell you I love you, I show it to you.” It’s very common where I come from.

Screenshot (110)

Kandi is out to lunch with her two aunts. I love those two. They are hilarious and I think they need their own show. If not a spin off show then maybe a web show. How about it, Bravo? Kandi tells them about how her mom’s boyfriend trashed her house and the looks on their faces say a lot.

Screenshot (113) Screenshot (117)

It’s the dinner we’ve been waiting for all episode. Kenya and Phaedra and Cynthia and Nene come face to face to hash out their issues. They’re at a restaurant named Einstein’s and I think it’s a faux pas to invite Porsha to a place like that. Anyway, Phaedra is the first to arrive and she says a prayer to ward off “whores, and liars and anything that’s not of you, Jesus.” I’m laughing so hard because to me it looks like she’s rebuking herself in the name of Jesus.

Cynthia, Porsha, Kenya and Nene arrive. Of course Nene is wearing her angry face. Nene says that she does not need to be part of any negativity but she fails to realize that most of the negativity comes from her. Kandi tells the group that she brought them together to resolve their issues and move on because she’s tired of everybody not getting along. So am I.

Kenya starts and says that she would like to be given the benefit of the doubt because her story has not changed since day 1 and she’s tired of being persecuted. She does have a point. Apollo’s story has changed multiple times since he first told it. Of course, Phaedra takes another shot and calls Kenya a whore, again and I’m over it. She tells Kenya that the slate has been wiped clean between them but still doesn’t apologize to Kenya. However, Kenya apologizes to Phaedra for her involvement in their feud. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between a child and a grown woman.

Nene then confronts Cynthia about what happened between the two of them. She asks Cynthia what happened but then starts barking at her and is refusing to let her speak. She really does love to hear her own voice. Despite how I feel about Nene, I do believe that both of them were good friends to each other. With that being said, I imagine that it is extremely difficult to be Nene’s friend. She is very narcissistic and you can’t disagree with her because it will be some kind of drama.

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