#RHOMelbourne Season 2 Finale Recap

Although I haven’t been blogging on this franchise, I have most certainly been watching and I have been thoroughly entertained. These ladies all have brass balls and they all mesh well with each other. Even when they’re fighting, they can still have a genuinely good time with each other and have a laugh.

I often compare this show to RHOBH. Gina is the fan favorite so she’s the Lisa Vanderpump of the show. Janet, is very two faced and I have a love/hate feeling for her, so she’s like the Kyle Richards of the show. Gamble is tough, has no filter and has no problem getting down and dirty with the other housewives. She is like the Brandi Glanville of the show (when Brandi was actually likable). Lydia lives a fabulous lifestyle, and though her and her husband are still together, she reminds me of (season 2) Camille Grammer where she’s just there and kind of boring. Chyka is fun, down to earth, and tries to be the voice of reason. She’s like what Adrienne Maloof tried to be on her first season of RHOBH. Jackie is full of life, she tells it like it is, and sometimes stirs up a bit of trouble. She also reminds me of a more likable Brandi Glanville. Now, what is there to say about Pettifleur? She definitely came on the show with an agenda…which they all do but hers was mentioned every second. She refers to herself and others as “bitch” tirelessly, she’s rude, and she’s beautiful. She’s like Lisa Rinna but not as likable…for me.

Screenshot (358)

The episode starts off with Gamble’s dog race. Like Janet said, I was expecting a cute run in the park with the dogs but she pimped it out. It actually looked like a professional dog racing course. Bravo, Gamble. I can’t wait to see the races. I’m actually excited to see these cute pups race. And to make matters cuter, Gamble attaches little jockeys to the dogs. ADORABLE LEVEL: 9,000!

Screenshot (99)Screenshot (101)

Gamble’s dog wins first place, followed by Lydia’s dog and then Janet’s dog came in third. That was fun. I want to see it again.

Screenshot (359)

Next, Pettifleur is planning her 50th birthday party with Chyka. I just have to say that I think Pettifleur is drop dead gorgeous and I actually love her accent. Her theme for the party is winter wonderland. I can’t wait to see how it will look. Chyka is talking about what they will be doing to give it the wonderland look and I’m sold. Can she plan my birthday for me too?

Screenshot (103)

Pettifleur doesn’t want any drama at the party. She asks Chyka if she thinks there’s a chance there won’t be any drama at her party. Darling, you’re filming a reality show. Of course there will be drama. It’s a given that any event filmed for a reality television show, there will be drama involved. It’s all about how you handle the drama though.

Screenshot (104)

Lydia is throwing a dinner party in spirit of her newly renovated house. Her house is drop dead gorgeous. She has amazing taste and I want her to decorate my house for me one day. Gina and Gamble aren’t there. They’re like the outcast with this group, which is fine considering Gina is the fan favorite and Gamble is the new fan favorite because of her friendship with Gina. Word of advice, ladies, in the world of reality television– especially a show like this– you always align yourself with the fan favorite.

Back to the dinner party. The conversation turns to erectile dysfunction and I’m grossed out. If I were Janet I would be embarrassed to say I’m an expert in erectile dysfunction medication, that’s just gross. Yuck. Dessert is being brought out and the chocolate cigars look delicious. Pettifleur sucks on it as if she’s giving a blowjob and I’m done. Ugh.

Screenshot (359)

While everyone is preparing Pettifleur’s house for her birthday party, she’s freaking out because she’s not seeing her vision coming to life. She’s scared that Chyka won’t deliver. Uh… you’re seeing it at its worst right now, sweety.

Screenshot (105)

She’s freaking out at the event coordinator and calls Chyka to freak out at her. Chyka assures her that everything is going according to plan and to wait to see the results of their hard work.

Screenshot (106)

Janet is visiting her friend Manuela. Manuela is like the Faye Resnick of this show. She desperately wants to be a part of the show but is not really well liked by the viewers. I think Manuela is a fool, a tool and looks as if she overstocked on teeth.

Screenshot (107)

Manuela is upset that Gamble didn’t invite her to her bachelorette party. Um, am I missing something here? Do these two not know each other? Manuela calls Gamble dumb. I think Manuela is jealous that Gamble is a full fledged housewife and she’s stuck making guest appearances with the flip flopper. Of course I could be wrong and Manuela is just disgusting, plain and simple.

Screenshot (359)

It’s time for Pettifleur’s party and she has the ladies arrive to her place on a carriage like Cinderella. Well, damn! This woman knows how to make her guests arrive in style. Pettifleur finally sees the end result and it’s gorgeous. She is blown away. Duh. Chyka obviously knows what she’s doing and she did a magnificent job on this party.

At the party, Manuela confronts Gamble– because she overheard Gamble saying she’s aggressive– in an aggressive manner. Gee, what would ever give Gamble the impression that Manuela is aggressive? Manuela then proceeds to bring up the rumors again and Gamble is pissed off. She calls Manuela a c–.

Janet steps in to yell at Gamble again for telling everyone that Janet made up the rumors. Um, didn’t Janet just say a few episodes ago that she didn’t want anything to do with these rumors again? This is why I do not like Janet half the time. She is two faced, she has no real loyalty to anyone and I think she’s the most desperate out of all of them for the fame. Those who are desperate tend to do and say anything to get the most attention. Need I say more?

Pettifluer is getting ready to dance the rumba for her guests. While she’s getting herself ready, her son gives her a sweet introduction, telling everyone how Pettifleur got her name. His grandparents danced to a song called “Pettifleur” when they met and after she was born, they named her after the song. She actually did a good job with the rumba.

Next, her son is playing the song on the piano and Pettifleur is clearly in the moment. Chyka was laughing at Pettifleurs attempt to try and snap her fingers. It was funny to see but not appropriate timing. But I laughed anyway. Ha.

Gamble asks Gina why she brought up the rumors at her bachelorette party and include her makeup artist that time. Gamble then asks Jackie what she meant when she told Gamble that Gina wanted to throw the new girls under the bus. Jackie explains herself and Gamble decides that she’s not going to throw away their friendship because of what Gina said before they knew each other.

Gina and Jackie start to get into it. Janet gets involved and sides with Jackie and attacks Gamble again and I’m just like


Gina jokingly tells Jackie that she and Gamble won’t be friends anymore and if that made her happy. Janet of course says yes. That says a lot. She doesn’t want any of these girls to be friends with Gina so that Gina feels like the outcast and quits the show so that she will be the fan favorite. At least that’s how it comes across to me. I have a newsflash for you, Janet, even if Gina did leave the show, Gamble and Jackie would still be more favored than you. Your duplicitous nature will lead to your demise on the show. Mark my words.

Screenshot (108)

Gina is over this argument. She tells Jackie and Janet that their pupils are dilated and walks away. Jackie is pissed off and goes after Gina. It’s quite ugly and selfish as this is Pettifleur’s birthday. But like I said, it’s a reality show and where there are cameras, there’s drama. Gina decides to leave and Gamble leaves with her because she believes Gina has always had her back and she will have Gina’s. I love these two together.

What did you think of this episode and the entire season for that matter? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.


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