#RHOBH: A Perspective of Season 5

Hey, guys! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging for the last two months. My laptop had crashed and I finally got it fixed. Since, I couldn’t blog the last few episodes of the season, I’ll give you my perspective after I re-watched the entire season. First up, my perspective of the housewives.


Lisa Vanderpump- There’s no doubt that she’s the queen and she won this season. After being on the outs with the entire cast last season, they all came back crawling and begging her for forgiveness. There was one who had to work hard for her forgiveness, though, and that was Brandi. Lisa was smart enough to distance herself from the drama, strengthen certain friendships and realized that there was one who is not and will never be her friend. Lisa, my hat’s off to you. Here’s hoping you will return for next season.


Kyle Richards- I actually really liked Kyle this season. I’ve never liked her for a full season since season 1. Another thing I liked is the fact that Kyle and Lisa mended their friendship. They make way better friends than they do enemies. I just hope it lasts. After re-watching the show, I felt really bad for Kyle: being on the receiving end of Brandi’s attacks, I would imagine, does not feel good. Worst of all, her sister, Kim, sided with Brandi when she was insinuating things about Kim and Kyle’s history that Brandi was not present for. By the end of the season, their relationship was shattered. I hope it’s reparable. I don’t like when those two fight.


Lisa Rinna- Or as the Queen calls her, Rin Tin Tin. For the most part, I liked Lisa. I thought she was extremely funny, open, and eccentric. With that being said, I do feel that she studied the show, did her research and came on the show prepared. Which is fine. it makes for great TV and there’s no denying she is great TV. Unfortunately, when she does that, there will be times when her sincerity seems questionable. One thing I did not like about her, was her obsession with Kim Richards on Twitter. She was tweeting a lot of dark and negative stuff about Kim, which was unnecessary and uncalled for. She has since deleted the tweets, most of them anyway.


Eileen Davidson- Eileen was my second favorite this season. Some may find her boring. I find her to be perfection. Her sense of humor, her honesty and her beauty makes her a winner in my book. One of the things I love the most about Eileen is that she calls it like it is without being mean about it. She admits when she’s wrong, apologizes when necessary, and puts Brandi in her place in a way that leaves Brandi speechless. To read Brandi Glanville to the point that she is left speechless is pure talent. Bravo, Eileen. Come back next season, will ya?


Kim Richards- I’ll start off by saying that I do like Kim Richards… 70% of the time. She has a very sweet, bubbly and loving side to her, but she also has a dark, vindictive and vicious side to her as well. And this season we saw both, but most of her vicious side. I don’t know if she’s always had that side. We’ve known she has a mean side, but this side that we saw this season was dark. It was cruel. It was evil. It was… Brandi. Yup, I said it. Brandi definitely makes an impression on KIm. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s sad to re-watch the season after Kim’s arrest because now, even though we knew she wasn’t sober, she’s actually admitted it. The reunion in particular was disturbing to watch because all she did was defend her sobriety (or lack thereof).


Yolanda Foster- Yolanda, like Lisa, definitely took a back seat from the drama this season. Which worked out great for her, because I actually ended up liking her again. I hope to see more of this Yolanda. Unfortunately, after filming, she had a terrible relapse with her Lyme Disease and her future on the show is unknown. I think she should take some time off to regroup and come back when she feels better. This season, it was evident that Yolanda tried to keep the peace and was far less judgmental of her costars. Plus, we got to see her country and see more of her wonderful mom and brother. Yolanda, I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you find a cure for Lyme Disease.


Brandi Glanville- Well, my mom always told me that if I had nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So on that note, I’m going to give my perspective on the season now.

After the disaster that was season 4, this season started off moderately slow with lighthearted drama. I actually enjoyed the peace while it lasted. It reminded me of season 1 and the reason we all started watching the show in the first place. Of course, all good things must come to an end.

Kim Richards vs Lisa Rinna


Eileen decided to host a poker tournament at her house. Kim, who had a hernia, took one of Monty’s pain pills (for cancer) and hitched a ride with Lisa Rinna to Eileen’s house. Kim was cuckoo for coco puffs which caused Rin Tin Tin to worry and proceeded to question her sobriety to everyone except Kim. Eventually, she confronted Kim with it, right after Brandi had told Kim what RIn Tin Tin was up to. This led to a huge fight in Amsterdam on their first night there. Kim threatened to reveal a secret about Harry Hamlin (I don’t care how old he is, that man is a sexy devil) which pissed Rin Tin Tin off to the point that she almost choked the hell out of Kim, threw wine on her and smashed the wine glass on the table.

Now, both Kim and Rin Tin Tin’s feelings were valid. However, they both went the wrong way about it. I understand that what Rin Tin TIn saw was crazy and that Kim was high as a kite. I get that she was worried but she should have taken her worries to Kim, one on one and let her know that she’s concerned for her. Kim also had a right to be angry with Rin Tin Tin for talking about her sobriety to everyone except her. However, she shouldn’t have brought Harry Hamlin into the mix and she shouldn’t have started the fight between her and Eileen.

Kyle Richards vs Kim Richards & Brandi Glanville


At the poker party, Kyle saw how whacky KIm was acting and was worried and embarrassed. Brandi was drunk as a skunk and thought she knew what was best for Kim in that situation. Yes, Brandi, because a drunk person knows what’s best for an addict who had just relapsed. Before Brandi and Kim left the poker party, Kim got pissed at Kyle and Kyle tried to get to Kim to find out what was happening but Brandi was blocking Kyle from Kim. Kyle pushed Brandi’s arm down and that prompted Brandi to twist Kyle’s hand and shove her away from her sister. It all went downhill from there. From that moment on, according to Brandi, Kyle is a “famewhore,” an awful person, an awful sister and a liar. Kim sided with Brandi after Kim felt Kyle tried to air her dirty laundry on national TV. After the show aired, Kim found out that Brandi was actually talking about Kim and her relapse, not just to Rin Tin Tin, but to her BFF, Jennifer as well. But Kim doesn’t care. Brandi is still a good friend while Kyle is a shitty sister in her eyes… I mean Brandi’s eyes. (This season, it was definitely revealed who the real Bobby Fischer was in this group. At least for me it was). Okay, maybe Kyle could have defended Kim more when Rin Tin Tin was talking about her, but Kim could have also defended Kyle when Brandi kept attacking her. They’ve both had a hand in the demise of their relationship and I have no doubt that Brandi, as usual, added fuel to that fire. In fact, she kind of dumped the entire can of kerosene on that fire. I really hope the sisters can come to a resolution now that (it’s been reported) Kim has decided to stay in rehab for 90 more days after Brooke’s wedding.

Ending with Positivity


This season has been a roller coaster ride. It was probably the most emotional season yet. What with the Richards sisters’ feud, Yolanda’s battle with Lyme Disease and Bella’s DUI, Max wanting to find out his heritage which caused concern for Lisa and Ken that Max may want to find his biological parents someday. However, if those are the worst of their situations, then it can only go up from there. Kim has admitted that she has a problem and needs more help. I don’t know about others but that gives me hope that one day the sisters can come together and come to a resolution. It seems that Bella has learned from her mistakes and is thriving as a model. Although Yolanda is still dealing with her relapse, I am praying and hoping she gets better soon.

It was funny to watch Rin Tin Tin this season (most of the time). I have hope that next season we will see more of Harry Hamlin. Preferably in the summer time… by a pool… shirtless. Eileen was an absolute pleasure to watch. She’s witty, honest, talented and drop dead gorgeous. As for Brandi, I wish her well but I want her off the show. If she wants to be a housewife then she can go on Orange County with Tamra.

Finally, the Queen of the Hills of Beverly.


Whether she’s making a (I have yet to taste) wicked Sangria, being happy in puppy heaven, or eating a space cake, Lisa Vanderpump is the reason we watch this show. She is what a real housewife is. She has a wicked sense of humor, a witty comeback for any shade being thrown at her, carries herself with elegance and sophistication, lives the luxurious lifestyle we tune in to see and when you throw her to the wolves, she will return leading the pack.

Okay, it’s getting late and I have to work early in the morning.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading!


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