#RHOBH S05E16 “Amsterdamn” Recap

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was crazy! We had wine throwing, glass breaking, crying, and pot eating, all in the span of two days for them. Yikes! I kept watching the entire episode like this


So let’s break it down, shall we?


The ladies and Brandi check into the hotel and Pinky and Eileen arrive a little later. As soon as Rin Tin Tin sees them, she sits them down and gives them the tea about her argument with Kim– I mean Psycho. Rin Tin Tin warns Eileen that Kim will be coming for her and Eileen is like “bring it on, bitch.” I love this woman.

Screenshot (350)

They take a nap and get ready for dinner. They all look sensational. Well, most of them anyway. At the dinner, Yolanda wants them to reveal their inner core to each other because she believes that most people in Beverly Hills only know the surface of each other. I think that’s marvelous, but not for this group. Yolanda opens up about Bella’s DUI while Rin Tin Tin opens up about losing her older sister of a drug overdose. She then takes the opportunity to apologize to Kim and Kim loses it. She starts to give Rin Tin Tin a verbal lashing and things get nasty when Eileen tries to defend her. She also attacks Kyle and tells her mean things; like Brandi supports her more than she does and Kathy is a better sister than she is. I didn’t see Kathy nor Brandi getting Kim on this show to have some financial stability. Nor have I heard of Kathy’s husband supporting Kim financially like a second wife like Mauricio has. Kim gets very vicious with Eileen and calls her a beast. Eileen is all


And for a moment I thought I was watching a soap opera. Yolanda tries to intervene to diffuse the situation but Kim threatens to expose a rumor about Harry. That’s when Rin Tin Tin lost her shit. First she lunges at Kim.


Then makes her know that you never go after her husband.


But Kim keeps persisting and that’s when


Rin Tin Tin throws a glass of wine at Kim and smashes the glass.


This is arguably the most intense fight in the history of the show. So intense that it made Kyle run for the windmills.


I have to say, when I watched the episode I kept rewinding the fight because it’s like a train wreck that you just can’t look away from. I feel the same way about Kim. Here’s the thing, Kim’s points and feelings are valid. She does have a right to be upset because I don’t necessarily agree with Rin Tin Tin going to everybody with her concerns but Kim, but I do not believe that she had bad intentions. I believe she had/has genuine concern, she just went about it the wrong way.

Now, all Rin Tin Tin was doing was apologizing for butting into Kim’s business. Any normal person would have either accepted  or not accept the apology and move on. As Pinky stated,


Yolanda takes Rin Tin Tin outside and tries to calm her down. Meanwhile, Kim is with Brandi, venting and being completely ridiculous. Kim fails to realize that by acting the way she does, she’s just proving Rin Tin Tin and Eileen’s point. That is addictive behavior. I’m no expert, but I’ve read about it a little and I’ve had some friends who’s dealt with addiction in their family.

They all head back to the hotel and Kyle continues to cry and Pinky, Rin Tin Tin and Eileen sympathize with her. It’s a clusterfuck, and it’s only the first day.

Screenshot (351)

The next day Rin Tin Tin is in her room, in survival mode, as she says, and who comes knocking on her door? Kim. Oh fuck. She’s being polite and tells Rin Tin Tin her side of the story. In no way was there an apology for her actions and the things that she said, but Rin Tin Tin apologizes, AGAIN.


They all meet up in the lobby and Yolanda takes them to the area where she grew up. It’s nice to see this side of Yolanda. You can tell she’s very proud of where she comes from and happy to be sharing her culture with the others. They go bike riding. It’s hilarious. Those bikes are huge!

Screenshot (353)

They ride all the way to the windmills where Yolanda meets an old flame. His name is Peter Paul. What is he? An apostle? Yolanda doesn’t remember him. Not even the fact that they kissed. She blames it on her Lyme Brain. At least Yolanda got a glimpse of what her life would’ve been like if she married the guy. Too funny.

Next, they go visit Yolanda’s mom who survived breast cancer but is now battling uterus cancer. She’s a very lovely woman with a fabulous sense of humor. Pretty much Yolanda’s mom and brother have done pot except her. Well, that needs to change. When in Amsterdam….

Screenshot (354)

Next, it’s time to go to the coffee shop. Brandi doesn’t want to do any pot because she claims she has to “be on top of her game when dealing with these women.” To me, that just means she’s looking for trouble and wants to be sober when she does it. Kyle decides she won’t do it because she doesn’t want her kids seeing her do pot on national television.


That’s fine. Brandi, of course, has to point out that Kyle has already smoked pot with her before. Kyle still doesn’t eat the space cake and Brandi is pissed off, calling her a hypocrite. As they leave, Brandi blows up on Kyle over nothing and I wish somebody would smack this bitch.


And there it is folks. A crazy ass episode with a two crazy ass bitches. By the way, I thought you’d all like to know that I’m doing a ranking of all the RHOBH fights in the last 5 years. Stay tuned…

What did you think of this episode? Let me know what you thought in the comments section or you can tweet me @SalvaCam21.


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