#RHOBH S05E15 “Welcome to Amsterdam” Recap

I can’t believe we’re already at episode 15! This season just flew by! It’s weird because I remembered I couldn’t wait for last season to be over and now I wish this season never end. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. So let’s get into it.


It’s time for the scavenger hunt! It looks like a lot of fun. And who makes a special appearance? Camille! I wish they would bring Camille back. She may have been a dud but at least she lives the Beverly Hills lifestyle that we tune in for.

The girls are divided into three dream teams. Kyle is captain of Dream Team 1, Eileen is captain of Dream Team 2 and Yolanda, of course, is captain of Dream Team 3. As fate (producers) would have it, Brandi ends up on Kyle’s team.


At least she has Camille on her team to offset the crazy drunk. Eileen’s team consists of her, Kim and her friend Lynn. Yolanda’s team is of her and the two Lisas. A dream team indeed. They set off to start the scavenger hunt and Eileen’s team takes an early lead.

I feel like I’m commentating on the Olympics right now. Ha ha. Does anyone have a microphone? All Kim is doing is bitching and killing the vibe of Eileen’s team.


Why is Kim being so pissy? It’s probably because she’s mad at Eileen for trying to help repair the damage that was done to Kim’s relationship with Kyle. You know, because only Kim sees that as a bad thing. Why? Because she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for Eileen to butt into other people’s business like that. But I guess it was totally appropriate for Kim to ambush Taylor with an “intervention” to tell her that she had a drinking problem, right?

Screenshot (346)

Yolanda’s team looked as if they had the most fun though…and penalties. Pinky hopped on a bike for a hot pink second and the three of them hijacked a Beverly Hills tour bus. Rin Tin Tin’s response to anyone who might have a problem with that?


I probably would have done the same. No, I know I would have done the same. Looking back now, I think of how lucky those tourists are. There they are, enjoying a leisurely ride on Rodeo Drive when Yolanda, Pinky and Rin Tin Tin hijacks their bus. Lucky sons of bitches.

The final destination in the hunt is Villa Blanca where they all meet up and have lunch. Yolanda has one last surprise for them though: a trip to Amsterdam! Woohoo!

I’m skipping the housewives getting ready for the trip. I don’t have much time and I’d rather comment on the fun and more important parts of the show.

Screenshot (347)

It’s time to go on the trip but before they go to Amsterdam, the ‘wives, sans Pinky and Eileen, are going to Calgary first to attend David’s charity event. Before the trip, though, Brandi told Kim about Rin Tin Tin’s talk with her after they did her podcast. Remember? The one where Rin Tin Tin tried to get to the bottom of Brandi’s behavior and Brandi deflected by throwing Kim under the bus? Yeah, so not only did she tell Kim that Lisa R. was worried about her sobriety, she completely failed to mention her part in the conversation. That’s Brandi for you. Always deflecting and trying to act like her hands are clean. But in the words of Kenya Moore: “Your hands are not clean, they’re full of grease.”

So on the plane, Kim is giving Rin Tin Tin the cold shoulder and the silent treatment. Rin Tin Tin asks her what her problem is and Kim blows up on  her. She yells at her and berates her like a child, even after Rin Tin Tin apologizes more than once. It was uncomfortable to watch. Kyle looked the way I felt watching this. I can only imagine how she felt, being right between them. Yikes.

I will say, Kim’s feelings are valid, but as usual, she picks the worst times to have an argument. Awkward to say the least.

Screenshot (348)

The ladies are in Calgary. Yolanda, Kyle and Rin Tin Tin are in the first limo and are running late so they won’t be waiting for Thing 1 and Thing 2. Yolanda hopes that the argument on the plane does not set the tone for the trip. LOL, oh, Yolanda, you have no idea. Rin Tin Tin says that she got Kim’s message loud and clear. She also said that this issue hits close to home for her because both of Harry’s brothers died from alcoholism and Harry has been sober for 3 years himself.

They arrive to the event. Brandi is wearing the dress she wore during a promo shoot for RHOBH when she joined in season 2. The only difference is, now she looks older, cattier and more tipsy. Oh, and those bangs were hideous.


The event was a total success. Rin Tin Tin’s got some moves, Kyle kissed the king of lips, Steve Tyler and most importantly, David managed to raise $8.2 million. Wow. That is amazeballs!

Screenshot (349)

The housewives are now officially in Amsterdam, but the episode’s almost over. Sad face. Kim blows up on Kyle over nothing. They should’ve named this episode “Kim’s bitch fits.” It seems more appropriate. Now Kyle’s upset and uncomfortable and jet lagged. Thanks a lot, Kim.


What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.

In next week’s episode, shit hits the fan.


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