#RHOA S07E11 “Divide And Ki-Ki” Recap

It’s week 11 in the A-T-L and I’m exhausted by these women. They don’t like each other, there are too many double standards and Team Beast needs to go because they are not entertaining to watch at all. This recap might be a bit short because I’ve basically checked out a little bit on this show and I’m exhausted.

Screenshot (281)

We pick up right where we left off…with Nene being read. Her comebacks are getting weaker and weaker and Claudia is eating this girl alive.


Kandi says that basically Claudia is telling Nene everything everybody’s ever wanted to tell her…and then some. Cynthia is loving the fact that Nene is getting read like no one has ever read her and I am loving Cynthia’s new interview look:

Screenshot (301)

Nene tells Claudia that Hollywood isn’t looking for her, but Claudia tells her that Atlanta is…


YAASSS, Claudia! Tell her, girl! Nene pretty much doesn’t have anymore comebacks for Claudia and Team Pretty walks away from the table. I was really hoping one of them would pull back the front of Nene’s wig to show us how bald she really is, but I guess in life you can’t always get what you want.

After they leave the table, Porsha and Phaedra resume to laugh like the mindless idiots that they are and Nene continues to talk more shit behind their back and it is weak. Claudia apologizes to Kenya, Demetria and Cynthia but I don’t see any need to, but it says a lot about her character to do so.

Screenshot (282)

The next day, Kandi calls Don Juan to try and organize things for her musical tour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get to happen. I need to buy the DVD, though. I want to see it. Claudia goes to the restaurant bar and orders a Pina Colada with extra rum in the early morning. My kind of girl.

Nene and her puppets are talking about last night and they’re on mute. I feel like I’m killing my brain cells when I hear the three of them speaking together.

Demetria is rehearsing for her big night and seems to be under a lot of pressure. Girl, you’ll do fine. Your voice is amazing.

Screenshot (283)

Kenya, Claudia and Cynthia meet up for drinks and Cynthia praises Claudia as the new queen of shade. All hail the queen. Kenya wishes– at that time– that she could hit replay and watch it all again because


It really was. They also officially welcome her into the group. I guess that means that by that time, Claudia had snatched Porsha’s peach because I read that this was the trip that the producers decided to make Claudia a full time housewife.

Screenshot (284)

At the hotel, Demetria visits Miss Piggy– I mean Phaedra– in her room…that her man paid for…after she was disrespected by Phaedra. She apologizes for crossing the line with Phaedra and of course Phaedra doesn’t apologize for starting the whole beef between them in the first place. Demetria is clearly the better person but then again, anybody’s a better person than the morally corrupt Phaedra Parks.

Screenshot (285)

Kandi arranges a do-over Kandi Koated Sex Party that was ruined at her house. She hopes that it will bring the girls closer together by having some fun. A few comments are made about who Porsha is banging and the answer to that is a married African dude. I know Porsha is dumb and all, but it takes a special kind of dummy to think that she can afford a Rolls Royce after walking away with nothing from her divorce and nobody will be suspicious.

Screenshot (286)

The next day, Team Beast and Kandi are on the beach while Team Pretty are hanging out by the pool at the hotel. Phaedra is in a 2-piece with a cover up that’s not covering anything. I am mortified. That woman does not belong in a 2 piece. She looks like a mint-chocolate chip mud slide.

Screenshot (288)

It’s time for Demetria’s performance and all the ‘wives get in the bus and head over to the venue. Nene does something that she never does, apologize to Claudia– which we all know is a fake apology because when you do apologize, it means you’ve learned your lesson and you don’t do it again.

Nene says that one thing she will never do to a woman is diminish her accolades and Claudia points out that she has by calling her a whore. She also calls out the group for having a double standard; ie, Nene and her minions can do or say whatever they want and it’s fine but when Team Pretty does it in retaliation, it’s uncalled for and unacceptable.

Basically nothing gets resolved, Nene was read a second time and Porsha finally got called out about her married African sugar daddy. They arrive at Demetria’s concert late but are just in time to hear her sing her last song. Demetria killed it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.


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