#RHOBH S05E09 “Live and Learn” Recap

It’s the calm before the storm. This is probably the last mellow episode for the season because based on the previews for next week, the craziness kicks off.

Screenshot (265)

We’re at Villa Rosa with Lisa. She looks extremely tired, but I guess when you’re running three successful restaurants, you would be. She calls her son, Max, to check in. Max is like the rebel of the family. He marches to the beat of his own drum and Lisa is trying to motivate Max to reach his highest potential, as any mother wants. They decide to meet up and have a heart to heart.

Screenshot (266)

Kyle and her family are in Arizona to send Alexia off to college. They tour the campus. Kyle says that she knows she’s supposed to give Alexia wings to fly and be on her own, but “f–k that!” She regrets not going to college when she was younger and that’s why she’s always instilled the importance of getting an education in her girls. Good for her.

Screenshot (267)

Yolanda is helping Bella move into her new apartment in New York. She still has fear and insecurities about leaving Bella on her own. They’re walking to the park and she’s giving her advice about putting out the same energy she wants to receive from her new schoolmates and potential friends. She reminds her that all of them are as nervous as she is. While Bella is in class, Yolanda will be setting up her apartment for her. Ah, to have rich parents.

Screenshot (268)

Brandi is having lunch with her lawyer. Apparently Eddie overpaid her in child support and is asking for a portion of it back, out of her retirement fund. Brandi says that she’d rather take him to court. I already read this in the news months ago and I’m honestly over this Eddie and Leann storyline. Yes, he’s an asshole for what he’s done to you. He’s a douche, we get it. Is it really worth being a storyline for the last four seasons though?


Screenshot (269)

Eileen is having lunch with her husband and stepsons. She says it’s been challenging trying to find the perfect balance between being their stepmother and not overstepping her boundaries. Maybe she can teach Leann a thing or two about being a proper stepmother.

Screenshot (270)

Yolanda is decorating Bella’s apartment and it is fabulous. It’s very chic. The reason why they are providing all of Bella’s living expenses is because they want Bella to focus on school and doing the best that she can during her first year.

Screenshot (271)

Farrah arrives in Arizona and the entire family is together now. When Farrah went to NYU, after her second year, she transferred to USC and Kyle is hoping Alexia will do the same. Hey, be thankful that she didn’t go to study in Taiwan like I did. I can only imagine how my mom felt. Especially seeing that I’m an only child. Kyle starts to cry and Mauricio is confident that Alexia can survive on her own.

Screenshot (272)

It’s Lisa Rinna time! Woohoo! Lisa is the comedic housewife of the show. I absolutely love her. She’s on her way to the set of filming a movie with her husband. She’s doing facial exercises and I’m laughing so hard. But it does work. I had to do them in my acting classes (I studied film, if anyone cares). She’s basically playing herself, married to her husband.

Screenshot (274)

Bella is back from class and brings her mom a card. She apologizes for her mistake and assures her mom that it doesn’t define who she is as a person. It’s very sweet and I hope it brought Yolanda some peace of mind.

Screenshot (275)

Kim and some of Brandi’s friends are at Brandi’s house to watch Eddie & Leann: the non-reality show. Are we seriously being forced to watch Brandi’s reaction to this? Here’s her basic reaction to the show.


All the of the Brandi mentions in the show are just inflating her ego even more. Dear God, if this woman’s ego gets inflated anymore then it’ll need its own diamond in the intro, and one trashy hooker on this show is enough, thank you.

Screenshot (276)

It’s Ken and Lisa’s 32nd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary you two! Max comes over and they get right into it. He basically wants to do better because he’s feeling pressure from his older girlfriend to kind of grow up. Lisa tells him that he needs to do better not because his girlfriend tells him to, but because he wants to. He needs to be his own motivation. Max had his electricity cut off for 3 months but because he’s no longer in school, he has to work and support himself. It’s tough love at its finest. All Lisa wants for Max is to be happy and successful, as any mother would. As Lisa says, “A mother is only as happy as her saddest child.” It’s very similar to the way we grow up here.

Screenshot (277)

Kyle and her family are having dinner. Kyle is worried about Alexia fending for herself in the real world because she’s always been a bit sheltered. Trust me, when you have no choice but to fend for yourself, you can do it. Alexia will be fine.

Screenshot (278)

Lisa Rinna has her jewelry stylist over because she’s hosting a jewelry party at her house for charity. The jewelry pieces are gorgeous. Girls have all the good clothes and jewelry. Guys’s clothes and jewelry are so limited. Lame, lame, lame!

Screenshot (279)

It’s time for Eileen to say goodbye to her stepson as he’s heading out for college. She says that when Vince and her just got together, Vince’s oldest and Eileen had a bit of friction because he felt that she was trying to replace her mom. Eileen says that she would never and knows that she can never take that place which is why it was a struggle to find the right balance. Now that she has, their relationship is excellent.

Screenshot (280)

Alexia’s voice is gone and it’s the first day of school. Yikes. Kyle is already in tears and as soon as Alexia sees her, she’s in tears as well. She goes to Porsha’s room and kisses her goodbye one last time before leaving. Kyle and Alexia share a tearful hug and Mauricio walks her out to the car. They both embrace each other and cry. Okay, I have to go now. The tears are coming.

All in all, it was a nice, emotional episode but yeah, a little bit boring.


Next week, the drama kicks off. Kim is not acting like her normal self and is acting like she’s drunk which stirs up a lot of old feelings for Kyle. Brandi and Kyle get into an argument that turns physical.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.


2 thoughts on “#RHOBH S05E09 “Live and Learn” Recap

  1. Absolutely boring episode. I watched a few bits, but had to fast forward much of the nonsense about kids leaving for college. “Deja vu” from last season.

    I can’t stand the parts of Brandi and the Eddie and Leanne drama. I’m over it. That’s was sooo last three or four seasons ago. When will she move on for good, geez.

    Your comments and writing are brilliant, but do you need help on the site?

    I can’t seem to find the menu bar, please direct me to the menu, to read all your other great recaps.



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