#RHOBH S05E05 “Star Sighting” Recap

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s week 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I can’t stress enough how stoked I am about this season. We’re only at episode 5 and I’m already convinced that this is the best season yet. How do I know? Well, we’re 5 episodes in and I still like Kyle. No one is more shocked than I am. If you’ve read my previous blogs, then you know that I go in every season trying to like her but she quickly does something that throws me off. So, with that said, let’s get started, shall we?

Screenshot (164)

Kyle and Yolanda are still in Spain. Yolanda desperately wants to go back home after learning about Bella’s DUI. I feel for her. Especially after learning her dad was killed in a car accident. She says that due to the DUI, she’s even more terrified of letting her go to New York, but as she says, she has no choice. She’s no longer in charge of Bella’s life. It’s a powerful and heartbreaking statement to make and it makes me understand more of what my mother felt when she let me go to Taiwan to study. I’ll be right back, I’m going to go hug my mama.

Screenshot (165)

Eileen is running lines with her niece, Annamarie. Of course it was a huge honor to be nominated for an Emmy, but it felt even better winning, according to Eileen. Yeah, I bet! Watching her run lines with her niece, who she says is like her daughter, is very sweet to watch.


Screenshot (166)

It’s their last night in Spain and clearly Yolanda doesn’t want to be there. She’s trying to keep it together when all she wants to do is break down but out of respect for their vacation, she’s doing her best to toughen up. I think with a situation like that, it’s okay to break down. It’s a hurtful and shocking situation to go through.

Screenshot (167)

At Villa Rosa, Lisa V is getting ready to head down to Palm Springs to receive her star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. Can I just take a minute to say that Lisa Vanderpump is arguably the most successful housewife ever? I don’t think any other housewives have their own stars on a walk of fame anywhere or the key to the city or a day named after them. Lisa Vanderpump is truly not just the queen of Beverly Hills, but the queen of Housewives. Yeah, I love Lisa Vanderpump, so what?

Okay, back to the scene. Lisa asked her housekeeper to wash Giggy’s suit for Palm Springs but instead she washes Giggy. Hilarious! Don’t ask her to wash Ken’s clothes!


Lisa R is also getting ready to go to Palm Springs as she’s the only one out of the group that Lisa invited. I love these two together and I would love to see a spin-off show of these two getting themselves into some hilarious situations. #TeamRinnaPump!

Screenshot (168)

Eileen is getting ready to go on set to film an episode of The Young and The Restless. She says the good thing with being an actress is that when school’s out, she can take her son to work with her. I’d definitely say that’s a perk, especially if her son wants to make it in the business

Screenshot (169)

Yolanda surprises David for lunch. They discuss Bella’s DUI. She thanks David for being a good step-father and it’s nice to see that Yolanda, Mohammed and David have such a great dynamic when dealing with the children. David said that Dr Phil told him that the problem is that Bella could be suffering from the “middle-child syndrome” where she feels that she doesn’t fit in with the others. I think he may be right as I’ve seen it happen to a lot of my friends. Yolanda quickly dismisses it, claiming bullshit. Yolanda is frustrating. As much as she opens her mind, she’s just as quick to close it. Yolanda says that Bella had 1 glass of wine and was pulled over while going to the store.


I mean, clearly we know that’s not the case. I get that she wants to protect her daughter but if she’s going to address it, tell the truth.

Screenshot (170)

Over to Blandi Gutterville, she’s doing her podcast and she looks terrible. Her cheeks look swollen from just getting injected and I think she’s in her pajamas. Vivca Fox makes an appearance. Is this what her career has come to? From being a popular B-list actress to making an appearance on a reality show listed as Brandi Glanville’s friend? Wow. For the rest of the scene it’s basically proving my point as to why Brandi doesn’t fit in with this group or this show. FIRE HER!

Screenshot (171)

Eileen is preparing to do a scene. It’s fascinating stuff for those who like to watch behind the scenes work on films and television sets, moi. I’m not much of a soap opera fan, but apparently her character on Days of Our Lives have done some pretty sick and twisted things… Like raping a priest. I’m taking a minute to enjoy the beauty that is Eileen’s costar, Sean Carrigan. I’m a faithful guy though. I would never cheat on Peter (cast member on Pump Rules)

Screenshot (172)

Kim takes her ex husband, Monty to do a pedicure. Sidenote: how else do I know that this is the best season ever? I actually like Kim too. Before, I never really cared for her, but it seems everyone is starting over with a clean slate… well most of them anyway. We’re finally getting to know a bit about their history. She’s known him since she was 19. So that’s over 30 years now. Although their marriage only lasted 2 years, they still managed to remain the best of friends. I like this side of Kim.

Screenshot (173)

In Palm Springs, Lisa arrives in a house that she stays at when she’s in Palm Springs. It’s beautiful. Lisa Rinna arrives next. Lisa V says the reason why she didn’t invite the other women is because she didn’t want to ruin the ceremony by inviting her “friends.” Touché. Lisa is having dinner with her friends, including Dwight. I didn’t know they were so tight. And all these years I thought he was Taylor’s bff. Anyway, hi, Dwight!

Screenshot (174)

Kyle and her family arrive from Spain and they’re tired. The end.

Screenshot (175)

At dinner, Lisa’s housekeeper, Rosia, is there and it’s not long before they’re talking about vaginas. Lisa lets Rosia know that that’s her cue to leave. Poor thing looks like she’ll die if she hears what they’re talking about. Rosia looks innocent and clearly Lisa wants her to stay that way. Ha. Lisa says that Max, 22, has a 36 year old girlfriend and they do not get along, but in order for her to stay close with her son, she has to accept it. Ah, the things mothers do for their kids.

Screenshot (176)

It’s the morning of Lisa’s acceptance of her Palm Springs Star. Lisa R is fully dressed and sparkly. Clearly, she knows the drill when it comes to Lisa V. Lisa R checks out what Lisa V wears when she sleeps and Lisa V asks her if she just wears a V neck and no underwear. Lisa R says, “depends.” I see what you did there. Wink, wink.

Screenshot (177)

It’s time for Brooke’s wedding. Kyle doesn’t know what to wear so she calls Kim. Kyle tells Kim not to cry because it will ruin her make up. So what does she do? Bring up their deceased mom, making Kim cry. Then there’s the obligatory shot of Mauricio shirtless in a towel. Thank you, Bravo. Whatever you feel about Mauricio, he’s a damn sexy guy. Kyle’s lucky.


Monty shows up and Kim and Monty reminisce about when Brooke was a baby. It’s a sweet and beautiful moment.

Screenshot (178)

Lisa Rinna arrives first to Lisa’s star ceremony. She says she’s in her element when she’s on the red carpet. Clearly. Lisa Vanderpump finally arrives and everyone there is wearing pink and she’s…not. Oops. I’m truly happy for Lisa’s success. It’s well deserved. Brava, Queen.

Screenshot (179)

Kyle arrives at Kathy’s house, the venue for the wedding, and it’s nice to see the sisters supporting each other. I’m not much of a fan of Kathy Hilton. I feel she’s boring and tactless. Watching Brooke walk down the aisle, all KIm can think about is flashbacks to when Brooke was a child growing up. Okay, here come the tears. Stop it, Kim! Also, seeing Brooke’s dad walking her down the aisle, I know that probably meant the world to Brooke.

Screenshot (180)

Brooke’s husband is cute! According to Kyle’s blog, he has a twin brother and he dated Farrah, Kyle’s oldest daughter, for 8 years. Wow. Finally Brooke and Thayer are married. It was a beautiful wedding (what we saw of it anyway).

Next week’s episode looks like the drama is finally happening. Kyle’s hosting a BBQ and Brandi and Lisa finally come face to face after that awkward phone call. Can’t wait!

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.

Merry Christmas!


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