#RHOA S07E07 “Nice to Metria” Recap

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! On part 1 of my 3 part gift to you, I’m giving you the recap of Sunday’s RHOA. These women are exhausting to watch but I still do because it’s good tv, although some of them needs to go. Yes, I’m talking about you Nene, Phaedra and Porsha. Nene should go because she’s super negative and uneasy to watch, Phaedra is shady as hell, and Porsha’s stupidity is just sad and painful to watch.


Kandi’s aunt, Nora, is having a cookout. Todd doesn’t look too happy to be there. Probably because Joyce is there. Kandi goes to tell her mom hi and immediately gets the cold shoulder. Mama Joyce is the most hypocritical and ungrateful woman that ever existed. She’s angry that Kandi said she was angry with her boyfriend because he trashed Kandi’s house. How dare Kandi get upset over that.


Over at The Bailey Agency, Cynthia meets with her friend Demetria, who we’re finally being introduced to! She’s doing a casting for her music video. Demetria tells Cynthia and Peter that she has a little bone to pick with Kenya because last year at Peter’s birthday, Peter, Cynthia, Kenya and Roger Bobb (Demetria’s on again off again boyfriend) took a photo together and there were rumors that Kenya and Roger were dating and she didn’t shut it down. No shade, boo, but really? Are you getting worked up over that?

Back at the cookout, Aunt Nora convinces Kandi to talk to her mom and resolve the issue at hand. Kandi starts confronting Joyce on her shitty behavior and Joyce says that she’s taking medication to prevent her from having “anarysms.” Isn’t it funny when Joyce is being called out she fakes something to try and gain sympathy? Her boyfriend trashed her daughter’s house, pissing her off, meanwhile she’s buying you a brand new 7 bedroom house and you get mad at her for being mad?


I feel bad for Kandi. She deserves better.


Kenya is doing a photo shoot for Sheen magazine and Cynthia is helping her perfect her poses. Claudia shows up and they take a break to spill the latest tea. Claudia says she’s still trying to get used to living in Atlanta. She also says that she’s going to an event for Roger Bob and Kenya says that she should probably hook up with him. I’m not going to lie, Roger is a handsome man. He has a very charming smile. Cynthia shuts the idea of Claudia and Roger together down immediately and tells them about her meeting with Demetria. Of course, Kenya is flabbergasted because Roger has never mentioned being in a relationship with her, plus over the course of the 5 years that she’s known him, he’s been dating her girlfriends. (Probably while they were off again)


Nene is gearing up to launch her clothing line on HSN. I can’t really concentrate because of that mini hut on Nene’s head. Girl, what the hell were you thinking? You look a fool. A DAMN fool! This is me as Nene debuts her new clothing line– err, wig.


Wait a minute, wasn’t Nene the one throwing shade at Lisa Wu and Sheree for having a clothing line? Didn’t she say something to the effect of it being “overdone?” Oh, that’s right, it’s only overdone if she hasn’t done it. Girl, bye.


Phaedra comes over to Kandi’s house and Kandi’s cousin, who’s like her son, gives Phaedra some advice on how to tell the boys about Apollo going to jail. He actually gives her very good advice but of course they’re wasting their time because we all know Phaedra is not going to take any advice given and she’s going to do whatever the hell she wants. Way to be a good friend though, Kandi.


It’s time for Nene to launch her clothing line on HSN. Dear God, this is so boring. I just caught myself falling asleep. Is this supposed to be the breakout star? The one earning the most money out of all the housewives? This boring-ass wig? Bravo, believe me when I say this, you are wasting your money on Nene Leakes. This woman is boring with a capital snooze!


Kenya’s in a meeting with Roger. She pitches an idea of producing and acting in her own show. I’d love to see it and based on some of Kenya’s recent posts, seems to be coming to fruition. I just hope her pilot gets picked up and the show is a success. Kenya inquires about his relationship with Demetria as he’s never brought her up before, but only because he’s a private person. He does confirm that they are together and he invites Kenya to attend her music video release party.


It’s time for Demetria’s party and Cynthia and Peter are the first ones to show up. Watching this segment, I feel like I’m watching an episode of BET’s The Game. Phaedra and Kandi are the next to arrive, followed by Claudia. I love me some Claudia. Demetria reveals that Roger is not coming to the party and Kandi asks her that as her manager, shouldn’t he be there? Good point. Porsha shows up.


I hope Bravo is phasing her out because this heifer is not good TV. Send her ass to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She’ll fit in perfectly there.

Finally, Kenya arrives and it’s not long before Demetria confronts her about the group picture of her and Roger with Cynthia and Peter.


Demetria really needs to get over that. Kenya assures her that nothing is going on and her relationship with Roger is strictly professional. She has a goal and Roger can help her achieve it. Done. And just like that, their beef has been squashed. Ladies, take note.

Then, Apollo shows up and the mood totally changes. Phaedra is in statue mode. She does not move and does not speak. In one side of his mouth, he’s being an ass and telling her he wants to leave her and in the other he’s saying that he loves her and she’s still his wife and hugs her. It’s super awkward and super gross.


What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Next week’s episode looks pretty intense. Porsha’s ratchet ass goes in on Kenya and somebody needs to put a muzzle on her beak. Let me know what you think in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21!

Merry Christmas!


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