#RHOA S07E06 “Make Ups and Breakdowns ” Recap

It’s week 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and I’m emotionally exhausted already. While half of them are entertaining, the other half are not. Why? Because these women don’t like each other and they are just plain mean to each other.

Screenshot (143)

We start right back where we left off: with Nene yelling at Cynthia. The other women decide to give them some privacy so they can work out their issues one on one. Nene feels that Cynthia should have told her she had a problem instead of blindsiding her at the reunion. Cynthia feels that she couldn’t tell Nene she had a problem because Nene doesn’t like to hear when she’s wrong, and she’s right. I mean, she did call Peter a bitch when he told her that she was in the wrong– which is also a part of their issues. Cynthia makes it clear that the “bitch” incident was not the only reason she ended the friendship, it was a multitude of things that Nene has done. They clearly love each other and agreed to move forward and hug it out. Now, we all know they will never be friends again. Nene Leakes doesn’t forgive, honey.


Screenshot (144)

Kandi is at home while Todd is in New York working on his new show. Todd tells Kandi that his mom is still pissed about what Mama Joyce said about Todd, Todd’s deceased father, and her. Kandi rolls her eyes. Really, Kandi? Your mom did say some nasty thing about your husband and in-laws. They have a right to feel whatever they’re feeling.

Derek J is visiting Phaedra and I’m skipping it. I can’t stand this woman. Based on the previews from last episode, he goes to her so that she can represent him in court for being sued for stealing a weave. Clearly, he doesn’t want to win this case. Moving on.

Screenshot (147)

Nene is making tea for Gregg and spilling the tea at the same time, while Cynthia is telling Peter of their fake on Nene’s end make up. Peter is non too pleased to hear about the make up. He feels that Cynthia is going to start giving all of her time to Nene again. Peter, rest assured, that that will never happen again.

Nene basically says that they made peace but Cynthia broke her trust and can never be friends with her again. As usual, Nene cannot see past her own damn self. I’m over it. Next.


Screenshot (148)

Kandi meets Todd in New York and he takes her to see his old neighborhood so that she can see where he grew up. He also takes her for pizza and to get her very own pair of Timberlands. Todd is like the ultimate househusband. He has the patience of a saint, he’s cute, charming, funny, sophisticated and everything I want in a man. Kandi is a lucky woman and she needs to stick up for her man more when it comes to her mom. But I’ll let it go.

Screenshot (149)

Cynthia is also in New York as she will be walking in her best friend’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: this woman is gorgeous. She’s feeling a little insecure about her walk but at the end of the day, she needn’t worry because she is ALL.OF.THAT!


Phaedra is visiting Derek J at his salon called The J Spot (wasn’t that the name of Joan’s place in the TV show Girlfriends?) and I’m skipping it. As I said, I can’t stand this woman.

Screenshot (151)

Kandi and Todd meet up with Cynthia and Peter for dinner. Kandi says that Todd and Mama Joyce have been doing a lot better since their wedding. Uh, well she has no choice. The man married her daughter. She should be lucky to have such a great man married to her daughter. However, Todd again brings up that his mom still has a problem and I don’t blame her and she hasn’t been to Atlanta since the wedding. That’s sad. Peter then reveals that his mom is still angry with Cynthia’s mom and sister for hiding the wedding certificate, unbeknownst to Cynthia. Yikes. Kandi wants to move on but Todd says that in order to move on, she has to address the issues first and stop sweeping them under the rug. Listen to your husband, Kandi! Emphasis on huzzzband.

Screenshot (152)

Kenya and Claudia are at a cooking class and I’ve been missing them throughout this episode. I’m sad this is the only bit we see of Claudia for this episode. Not enough. Kenya’s reaction to the food is basically mine every time my mama cooks. YAASSS!

Screenshot (154)

It’s time for Cynthia to walk the runway and Kenya shows up to surprise her. Say what you will about Kenya, but when she’s your friend, she is your friend. She’s supportive and loyal and that’s what I like about her. Cynthia of course is stunning walking on the runway.


Screenshot (155)

Todd and Kandi meet up with Miss Sharon for dinner. We all know what’s coming and I wish Bravo would have deleted this scene out of respect for Miss Sharon and Todd. Miss Sharon lets Kandi know that she has a bone to pick with her mom and Kandi is basically staying quiet but giving her attitude. She doesn’t like it when somebody is talking negatively about her mother. So, she should understand how Todd felt when he saw her mom slandering his mom.

Miss Sharon basically tells Kandi that she’s either going to sue her mom or punch her in the mouth because she ain’t scurred. Miss Sharon is hilarious and she said it like it was and she will be missed. R.I.P Miss Sharon.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me (@SalvaCam21).

Happy Holidays!


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