#RHOBH: My Ranking Of All The Housewives

If you’ve read my blog then you probably know that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my favorite out of the housewives franchise. In this blog, I’ll be doing a ranking of all the housewives, past and present. Important to note that my opinions of these women can change at any time– and for the most part they do.

12. drunken heinz

Brandi Glanville (Season 2-present) What is there to say about Drunken Hines? I mean Brandi. She hobbled her way on the show and immediately made enemies with Kyle and Kim. Initially, I liked her. I thought she was drop dead gorgeous, funny, had a certain charm to her and I thought she was being picked on for no good reason. By season 3, she stood her ground and her friendship with Lisa had evolved and one of the greatest friendships on RHOBH was born. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. In season 4, Brandi’s true character came to light. I was extremely disappointed in her and it wasn’t long before the flesh reflected the ugliness and bitterness within. She was so vile and nasty to Joyce and towards the ending of the season, she rallied up almost all of the women to gang up on Lisa. This season, she seems to be the outcast. Karma. In my opinion, her time on the show has come to an end. RHOBH is a show about women who live the Beverly Hills lifestyle. She doesn’t fit in with this group. Perhaps she should move to OC and be with them. Those women are nasty to each other the same way Brandi is nasty to everyone else on this show. She’d fit right in. Not to mention since she has a habit of crossing people, the minute she crosses Tamra, she’d rip her to shreds.

11. YF

Yolanda Foster (Season 3- present) Initially I really liked Yolanda. I thought she was a bit boring and a little judgmental but I admired her honesty and her straight-forward, no-nonsense personality. By season 4, things started to change and I saw a side to her that I really did not care for. As a friend, I noticed she’s very needy. Too needy as a matter of fact. She was quick to join in on the Lisa bashing train and really seemed to be searching to have an issue with Lisa. Yolanda also has a way about her where everybody has to prove themselves to her but it never seems to be reciprocated. It’s funny that a lot of the women accuse Lisa of holding grudges when, in my opinion, Yolanda is the one who holds grudges. She likes to claim that she’s over things but she always makes passive aggressive digs at people she felt slighted by. Yes, I’m referring to Lisa. She also likes to make passive aggressive digs at her ex-husband. Yes, I understand he cheated on her. But she claims to have gotten over it and moved on. If she truly did, she still wouldn’t be bringing it up and taking digs. I think it’s interesting that Yolanda says that others should say sorry when they hurt someone but she has yet to apologize to Ken for maligning his character by saying that he hit her at the season 4 finale party. It’s documented, Yolanda. You lied! Yolanda also has a creepy habit of comparing herself to her daughters. It can be cute but when you do it constantly, the way Yolanda does, it’s creepy.

10. carltongebbia

Carlton Gebbia (Season 4) Speaking of creepy, remember Carlton? I tried liking her because I have a fascination with Wicca. In her very first episode she came off very judgmental and as last season progressed, we got to know her more and I wish we hadn’t. She was very petty, rude and hypocritical. Although I did enjoy certain moments where she made Kyle squirm, it all started to be too much. Oh yeah, she was also portrayed as the sex-crazed witch and it was a huge turn off. Carlton wasn’t all bad, though, as Lisa and Andy pointed out. she didn’t get a fair portrayal. She was also one of the only 2 that stood up for Lisa last season. Fair enough, but you still cannot change the fact that she’s still petty, rude and hypocritical and made out with Brandi. <Gags> To quote Carlton, “I think I may have thrown up in my mouth, I’m not sure.”

9. tumblr_mexhbqypvz1ql5yr7o1_400

Adrienne Maloof (Season 1-3, 5 guest) Ahh, the hoof. Adrienne was one of the originals. Her family used to own the Palms Casino and I’m not sure if they still own the Sacramento Kings. Adrienne, I think, was probably the richest one on the show. For the first season she, along with Lisa, seemed to be the voice of reason of the group, which was much needed. By season 2, her petty, jealous and vindictive side came to the surface. She got upset with Lisa because Lisa’s daughter chose to have her bachelorette party at another hotel instead of The Palms (even though Adrienne and her family didn’t own it anymore at that time). At the season 2 reunion, she orchestrated the first official gang up of Lisa (there was so much it’s hard to keep track). By season 3, her marriage to Paul deteriorated, one of her family secrets was revealed by Brandi (along with her lies), and after causing a lot of turmoil within the group, she left them to right the wrongs that she caused. After that she was gone and I was happy we didn’t have to hear her raspy, “No no no no no no no” anymore. She’s currently making guest appearances on this season because she “wants to come full circle with the girls.”

8. tumblr_n2bwseacyL1ql5yr7o1_500

Kim Richards (Season 1- present) Kim Richards is another original and the older sister to Kyle. In season 1 I felt sorry for her. She clearly was the loner of the group and she didn’t seem to quite fit in with the others. Plus, she seemed to be pushed around a lot by her little sister. By season 2, her alcoholism came out. She missed most of the events and trips in season 2 and was a participant of one of the biggest fights in Real Housewives history. In season 3, she cleaned up her act and I was proud of her. There is one thing I notice about Kim, though. She doesn’t like to take accountability for her actions. I’m not an expert, but isn’t that a part of the recovery process? In season 4 she lost me as she jumped on the bandwagon of trying to take Lisa down by attacking Ken and spreading lies that she heard from Brandi. This season I’m a bit warmed up to her again. Seeing her deal with her ex-husband and best friend having cancer, it makes me realize how strong she actually is– more strong than she gets credit for.

7. tumblr_mfhvm9xvSf1rxy0aqo1_250

Eileen Davidson (Season 5- present) Eileen is a newbie to the group. I don’t know much about her, except she’s an Emmy-winning actress. Congratulations! Based on what I’ve read about her and seen from the trailer, she seems to be fun and sweet. Some of you may wonder why she’s number 7 when I barely know her and the answer to that is simple: I know enough to realize I like her more than the others after her. He he.

6. tumblr_mi57fzunYw1ql5yr7o1_400

Taylor Armstrong (Season 1-3, 4-5 guest) Taylor definitely is one of the most memorable housewives, EVER! She’s one of the originals. In season 1, I did not like her. AT ALL. I thought she was very pretentious and really craved the Beverly Hills lifestyle. I also thought she was a troublemaker. In season 2, after learning that her husband had committed suicide and used to abuse her, my heart went out to her. In season 3, she seemed to be doing much better but was still getting on my nerves a bit. It wasn’t until the second half of season 3 that I actually started to like her. She wasn’t afraid to call out Adrienne’s lies and hypocrisy along with Camille. The one thing I like the most about Taylor is that when she’s your friend, she’s incredibly loyal.

5. tumblr_nf1ma2ji6g1ql5yr7o1_500

Camille Grammar (Season 1-2, 3, 5 recurring) Oh, Camille. What can I say about Camille? She definitely made an impression on the first season of RHOBH. So much so that she was on the cover of a tabloid magazine as “The Most Hated Housewife Ever.” Ouch. It was hard not to feel sorry for her after her husband left her on the show though. What a bitch move. In season 2 we saw a completely different Camille. She was more shy, quiet and laid back. I think her PR people did a great job. She quit the show after season 2 but made appearances in season 3. She shouldn’t have done that because season 1 Camille came back and let’s be honest, nobody liked her in season 1. She made an ass of herself in season 3 and didn’t return for season 4. I see she’s making some appearance this season and I’m hoping it’s season 2 Camille we’re getting. Over all, I think she’s harmless and I actually do enjoy her on the show. I wouldn’t be opposed to having her come back and replace Brandi after Brandi came on to replace her. Think about it, Bravo.  

4. tumblr_mi4h8qGBD31ql5yr7o1_r1_400

Kyle Richards (Season 1- present) Kyle’s the original BH housewife. If memory serves right, she was the first one to be cast on the show and had a hand in casting all the others. Thanks for casting Lisa! When I started watching the show, Kyle was my absolute favorite. I thought she was very down to earth, funny and I enjoyed her friendship with Lisa V and enjoyed the way she called out Camille and took on Allison Dubois with her sidekick, Faye (ugh). By season 2, I was turned off by her catty behavior towards Brandi, especially after Game Night. Since then, before every season, I try to start out liking Kyle, but most of the time I end up annoyed or disliking her even more before the season is over. I was pretty close to being Team Kyle in season 4, until she joined Brandi and the rest in the gang up of Lisa. Jeez, how many times have I said “gang up of Lisa?” Too many that’s how much! Currently, Kyle is on my good side. Which is why she’s ranked so high on my list and no one is more surprised than I am. We’ll see how long that lasts though.

3. tumblr_mz29k5U2JK1ql5yr7o1_400

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven (Season 4) Joyce may have been a one season wonder but she left a wonderful impression on me. I enjoyed her on the show and thought she was a breath of fresh air. She stayed true to who she is, stood up for what she believed in and wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with Brandi. As a matter of fact she made Brandi go home crying with her tail between her legs after Brandi tried to pick a fight with her. I wish she was back for another season but I get it. Bravo only rewards bad behavior. Joyce, I will miss you!

2. tumblr_nfv7a9loKV1ql5yr7o1_500

Lisa Rinna (Season 5- present) This is Lisa’s first season but I love her so much. From her first scene she had me cracking up. I also love the way she stays true to herself. She has a really good sense of humor and I appreciate that, because to be friends with Lisa V, you need it. I think the others take themselves too seriously and are very sensitive. Like Eileen, I don’t know that much about her, but I know enough to know I love her.

1. rhobh-lisa-intro

Lisa Vanderpump (Season 1- present) And finally we’ve made it to Number 1: The queen of Beverly Hills. Is there any question as to why Lisa Vanderpump is number 1? I fell head over heels in love with this British restaurateur the minute she appeared on my screen. Lisa is very beautiful, witty, charming, smart and has a very British sense of humor which I love. Why? Because I understand it. Her sense of humor tends to get her in trouble with the other ladies, however, because they don’t understand it and as I said, they take themselves way too seriously. Plus, she’s the only BH Housewife who has a day named after her and has the key to Beverly Hills. Another thing that I love about Lisa, is the philanthropic work that she does. She’s a huge supporter of the LGBT community as well as a supporter for Alopecia Areata. In my opinion, Lisa is the ultimate housewife. Not only is she glamorous and elegant, but she’s breaking barriers for all housewives. She was the first to be asked to participate on Dancing with the Stars after they had put a ban on them. She’s also the first and (to my knowledge) the only housewife to appear on the cover of certain magazines such as Beverly Hills Lifestyle and Genlux. Not to mention she’s the only BH housewife that has her own spin off show, Vanderpump Rules, and last season, her spin off beat RHOBH in ratings. Life hasn’t been all diamonds and rosé for Lisa, though. During the course of the show, there have been a number of planned gang ups and take downs of Lisa and they all backfired on the ones who planned it. Last season was the most recent and most memorable attempt at trying to bring her down. Despite all that they put her through, she still handles herself with elegance and dignity and at least if/when she walks away from the show, she can walk away with her integrity. I also recently found out that Lisa has a hidden talent: singing. She has a beautiful singing voice. Lisa, know that you are loved.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in which order you’d rank the RHOBH in the comments section or tweet me, @SalvaCam21.


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