#RHOBH S05E03 “Pay Attention to Me!” Recap

After a very Brandi-centric episode last week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back for another episode and I couldn’t be more excited for this week. Why? Because we finally get to meet Eileen Davidson!


It’s Lisa Rinna’s 50th birthday! Time out: Lisa R is 50, Lisa V is 54, Eileen is 55, Yolanda is 50, and Kim is 50. These women are proof that age is just a number. They’re also proof that 50 is the new 30. Keep doing your thing, ladies. You’re all gorgeous! Back to Lisa Rinna– she gets a birthday call from her mom. I can’t believe how much she sounds like her mom. For a minute I thought she was having a conversation with herself. It’s not long before her mom is cracking me up. I love this woman, and I can see where she gets her personality and sense of humor from.


At Yolanda’s, Gigi is back to visit for 3 days and then she’s flying out to Europe for a month to work. God, that girl is gorgeous. Yolanda spends some time comparing herself to her daughters, as she always does– it’s kind of creepy. Despite that, I love how she raised independent young women to work for their money and on top of that, they actually want to go to college. Gigi is studying Criminal Psychology. Good for her. Yolanda has a reason to be a #ProudMommy.


The two Lisas arrive at PUMP (I need to go to that place!) to celebrate Lisa Rinna’s birthday. Kyle and Mauricio arrive next and the table setting is stunning, of course. Kyle and Lisa V are having a bit of fun before dinner is started and I missed seeing that. Dinner is started and they start telling stories about how they met their husbands. Kyle’s story actually surprised the hell out of me. She was engaged to a man 24 years her senior and met Mauricio at a party and flipped her engagement ring around so Mauricio wouldn’t notice. Well, at least she didn’t do it for nothing.

Harry was married to Nicollette Sheridan and she had just left him for Michael Bolton. Twenty one years later she met Michael Bolton at The Beverly Hills Hotel at the Polo Lounge and she literally went up to him and said “thank you” and he said “you are so welcome.” Harry then arrives and gifts Lisa with a beautiful ring from Cartier. It’s nice to see a dinner party end with fun and laughter and not screaming and crying.


At Brandi’s, she’s setting up and settling into her 5th home in 5 years and her friend Adrienne is there to help her. Her ex-husband wants her to give him $100 thousand because he believes he overpaid her in child support and alimony. Look, I don’t like Brandi, but I do think her husband is lower than scum for what he did to her. He’s with his sugar mama, why does he need $100 thousand? Oh, yeah I forgot, his sugar mama’s singing career is over and she’s not making the amount of money that she used to make before she was a home-wrecking psychopath.


Kyle and Mauricio take Portia shopping. She says that they are going to Spain on vacation. Ugh, I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to Spain. The only reason I want to go to Spain is to meet and fall in love with a sexy Spanish man. Maybe one day. Watching Mauricio undermine Kyle’s “strict” parenting reminds me of when I was little and used to go shopping with my parents. My dad used to do it solely to get a rise out of my mom. I know we’re only seeing clips that Bravo chooses to put into the episodes so…

tumblr_mz5njmW5rC1ql5yr7o1_r1_400 (1)

However, I don’t think Mauricio is helping Portia by spoiling her like that.


Yolanda takes her daughter, Bella, out for lunch. She’s going to college in New York with Gigi and Yolanda is comparing Gigi to Bella this time. Stop comparing your daughters to each other and yourself so much, Yolanda! They’re their own person with their own personalities and interests. It’s creepy. Stop.


Kim and Kyle are out with Kim’s daughter, Brooke, wedding dress shopping. Isn’t that the same store that Tamra bought her wedding dress from? Of course, Kyle is trying to make Brooke’s day about her. <insert eye roll here> Their sister, Kathy Hilton, arrives and Brooke comes out with the first dress. It is beautiful but Kathy throws her shade immediately. Awkward.

Yolanda is at her house doing her hair with her hair stylist. I think she should fire her hair stylist. Her hair looks pretty basic…All of the time. She’s going to Holland because her mom is battling cancer. Bless her mother. I hope she recovers. Cancer is the ultimate bitch.

Back to wedding dress shopping, Kim reveals that Monty, her first husband and Brooke’s dad, is not doing well. His cancer has spread to his brain and spine and I can see the pain and devastation in her face. My heart is warming up to Kim at this point. She’s a very strong person, more strong than people give her credit for. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Monty.

Yolanda and David are flying private in his own jet. Their jet has a bed. A frickin’ bed! tumblr_lxk4gssyyK1ql5yr7o1_400

This jet makes Mauricio’s look like a plastic toy. I need to get rich, stat!


Finally, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! Eileen has arrived! I find it very hard to believe this woman is 55. Holy hell, she is gorgeous! She meets Lisa Rinna for lunch. They reminisce about when they were both working on the same soap opera and how Lisa had her on her talk show when she had one. It’s fun to watch. And in the blink of an eye, Eileen disappears. Not cool, Bravo! I want to see more of her!

Screenshot (75)

Brandi and Kyle go hiking. It’s weird watching those two because I feel like their friendship is so forced. To me, it looks like Kyle is very guarded around her and tolerates her for the sake of the show. Brandi tells Kyle that she wants to call Lisa to resolve the issues between them. Is she for real? Does she really think a random phone call will fix everything? Apparently she does, so she calls Lisa and starts talking like nothing has happened between them.


Lisa’s confused and tells her that there was no apology given for all the nasty things that was said about her and of course Brandi tries to shift the blame once again. Brandi, how can you expect to move forward if you cannot take total responsibility for your actions? You can’t try to annihilate someone so publicly and expect them to forgive and move forward without an apology. Aren’t you supposed to be smarter than that?

Her phone dies and she wants to use Kyle’s phone. Kyle’s hesitant because she doesn’t want Lisa to think that this hike is similar to the one she went on with Brandi when Brandi tried to rally everyone against Lisa. After talking in circles, Lisa shuts Brandi down, telling her that she doesn’t need to have girlfriends backing her up for things like this and doesn’t want to involve Kyle like Brandi is trying to do. Go Lisa!

Thanks for reading! What did you think of last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21. Looking forward to next week’s episode. Happy Holidays to you all!


4 thoughts on “#RHOBH S05E03 “Pay Attention to Me!” Recap

  1. Thank you for the RHOBH S05E03 recap! I missed the show but thoroughly enjoyed reading the highlights, Salva. I am certainly intrigued by the latest episode. For sure I will make a point of watching.

    I have to say that yours is the very best blog for Real Housewives. You have already added to my enjoyment of watching. It would enhance the show if your comments and explations of what is going on in each scene was in print on my television screen in close caption.


  2. Spelling Correction:
    … If your comments and explanations of what is going on …
    It would be a riot if your blog was added as close caption to each episode.

    I hope Andy invites you to the BRAVO Clubhouse very soon! Thank you. Keep up the fantastic work. Cheers! 


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