#RHOA S07E04 “Bury the Ratchet” Recap


Happy Holidays everyone! We’re back to another episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and most of these women are exhausting me. They are just mean and vicious. Nene is the most negative one on the show, Phaedra is shady as hell, and Porsha is dumb and thirsty. Thank God for Kandi, Kenya, Claudia and Cynthia.


Todd and Kandi are at The Kandi Factory. Kandi feels like she’s in a rut. She feels that she’s doing so many things and nothing at the same time. Todd tells her that it’s because her staff is slacking off and based on the footage being shown, it looks like it– though it could have been a slow day.


Next we have Claudia at her job. I know we’re only at episode 4, but I love this woman! Claudia says that she enjoys being a radio personality because in the past, she’s been judged based on how she looks. That’s sad because we’ve seen some of her childhood pictures on the show and she was as beautiful then as she is now. Being someone who is mixed, myself, I’m glad that I’ve never been judged for how I look, but I have been judged for many other things. But that’s a whole other story. Back to Claudia. She sees Porsha (ugh) doing her makeup and goes to tell her hi after her show is over. It’s very awkward because the thirsty child is ignoring her. Porsha just needs to grow up.

Back at The Kandi Factory, Kandi decides to have a team meeting to discuss her issues with their performance lately. Of course, with Todd there, they automatically assume that he’s the one putting these issues in Kandi’s head. They need to accept that he is her husband and a business man and will do what it takes to help Kandi be better and more successful, as any spouse should. I get a lot of folks aren’t accustom to change, but they need to get over it. There’s a new member of the team now.


Kenya and Claudia meet Cynthia to go shopping. Cynthia tells them about her meeting with Porsha. Claudia tells them that she also feels slighted by the child and wonders if she’s even worth going to lunch to hash it out. Kenya advises her to meet with Porsha and to be on her best behavior while Cynthia tells her to be sweet but have sour on deck. Good advice.

RHOA-S07E04-4.jpg RHOA-S07E04-5

Kandi arranges a spa day for Phaedra and invites Nene (ugh) and Porsha (ugh). When Porsha, Phaedra and Nene get together, I feel disgusted because I find them to be immature, nasty women.


Nene basically thinks that Apollo is lying to be mean to Phaedra. Well, Salva thinks Nene is looking for a reason for not apologizing. It’s been documented that Nene has a hard time accepting when she’s in the wrong and plus she doesn’t like Kenya because Kenya is stealing the show.


Claudia invites Porsha out to lunch to hash things out– because that’s what real women do. She confronts Porsha about her shady behavior and Porsha acts surprised and insists that that’s not the case. She’s talking like a real valley girl. Time out. Will the real Porsha please stand up? First she was a “saved” woman who believed that all homosexuals needed to be saved, then after her divorce she became a hypocritical, ratchet mess and now she’s a valley girl?


Claudia then tries to arrange a meeting so that Kenya and Porsha could make amends and Porsha is once more acting like a child.


This girl belongs on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Apollo visits Peter at Bar One and he talks about how he wants Phaedra to take his children to visit him in prison. The fact that he’s having this conversation should wake him up. Despite your ill feelings towards her, she’s the mother of your children, at least have some respect for your kids. FYI, I despise Apollo even more because he’s making me defend Shaedra. He tells Peter that Phaedra used to be down with him and visit him when he was fresh out of prison (hence how she got pregnant and had to marry him). Peter then brings up Kenya and Apollo tells him he lied on Kenya so that he doesn’t get in trouble with the warden, I mean his wife. Apollo wants to know if Kenya would go visit him in prison and I’m done.


At The Kandi Factory, Don Juan comes to have a talk with Kandi. This dude’s been on my nerves since I first saw him on the show. Yes, he does great work, but he has an attitude that makes me want to beat the hell out of him, Madea style. He tells Kandi that he took umbrage with Todd and her at the meeting. Things get heated and he tells her that he planned her own wedding but missed his mom’s. Uh, nobody forced you to miss your mom’s wedding, fool.


Don Juan then has a meeting with Todd and it’s not too long before he starts popping off on Todd. I’m actually surprised at how calm and collected Todd is when Don Juan is acting like spoiled, rich 16 year old girl. If anybody talked to my man that way, I would be like…


But luckily for anybody, I don’t have a man… yet. Ha.


Kandi goes to meet Kenya at kick boxing class and they quickly get into the gossip. Kandi confesses that even after Kenya told her nothing happened between her and Apollo, she didn’t really believe her and she apologizes. This is why I love Kandi. She puts her pride aside, checks her ego at the door (most of the time) and admits and apologizes when she’s wrong. She also tells Kenya that Nene believes Apollo is lying about lying and Kenya storms off. Kenya has reached her breaking point and I don’t blame her. Like she said, they are some evil bitches. Kenya says that no matter how many times they kick her down, she will always get back up. Good for her.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about last night’s episode in the comments section or tweet me @SalvaCam21.


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