#RHOA: An Assessment of All the ‘Wives

Everybody knows that The Real Housewives franchises are one of the most popular reality shows today. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is by far the most popular and it’s pretty obvious as to why that is. These women keep it real and are not afraid to say what’s on their minds. Perhaps the most popular member of the cast is Nene Leakes. In this blog, I’ll be giving my assessment of the housewives, past and present.


DeShawn Snow (Season 1)- DeShawn is easily the least memorable housewife of Atlanta. She’s sweet, but boring. She was a good friend to all and remained neutral when everybody was fighting with one another. Probably the most memorable thing about DeShawn in season 1 was the big charity gala she threw in her newly built mansion, hoping to raise 1 million dollars, but failed miserably, only making half of what she spent on the gala. I’m sure it was as painful for her to go through as it was for us to watch. DeShawn, you have a big heart, but next time, hire somebody to do the planning who will help you break even at least.


Lisa Wu Hartwell (Season 1-2, 3 guest)- Lisa was basically the energizer bunny of the group. She was always on the go, always had a positive attitude, and had a stallion for a husband. Yes, Lisa probably had the best looking husband in the group, and he was romantic to boot. Which is why I felt a lot of sadness when I heard they divorced. Although she was sweet, she’s not the type of person you’d want to piss off. She’ll flip you over a couch. But she won’t pull off your wig though!


Sheree Whitfield (Season 1-4)- Speaking of wig pulling, remember Sheree? How could you not? She’s probably one of the most memorable former housewives that will go down in history as giving us some of the most legendary comebacks. “Who gon’ check me, boo?” Not to mention she’s not afraid to go toe to toe with anybody. (Nene, Kim, Kandi, Phaedra, Cynthia, Marlo, Nene, Nene…) From her clothing line, (is it finally out yet?) She by Sheree to a chateau, still 4 years in the making, Chateau Sheree, this former housewife exudes refinement and elegance. Well, she tried to, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Sheree. She’s one of the few, if not the only housewife who ever made Nene run from a fight. Sheree, we miss you. By the way, anybody know if she got her seven figures yet?


Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Season 1-5)-  Kim was also one of the most memorable housewives of Atlanta. She came on the show being a mistress with ugly wigs, cigarettes, huge knockers and a dream to become a country singer. (Her boyfriend at the time was still legally married, so technically she was still legally a mistress). She gives Brandi Glanville a run for her money in who has the dirtiest mouth. Not to mention, she had a very tumultuous relationship with frenemy, Nene Leakes. Currently they’re in a good place and I’m happy. They had the best friendship out of all the women. A turning point for Kim was when she met her husband, Kroy Biermann, a football player for the Atlanta Falcons. He has a butt that could break bricks and a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. He definitely changed her for the better. He adopted her two oldest daughters and 4 more kids later, they’re living happily ever after in their dream home with her own spin-off show, Don’t Be Tardy…


Kandi Burruss (Season 2-present)- Kandi is a singer/songwriter and a very successful one at that. She’s a member of the former girl group, Xscape, and she wrote some classic hits like “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child, “No Scrubs” by TLC and P!nk’s debut single, “There You Go”. She came on the show in season 2, happily engaged to fiancee, AJ, who passed away not long after season 2 aired. She quickly became friends with Kim and wrote her hit single, “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party”. By season 5, however, their friendship deteriorated to nothing after Kim tried to rip her off with her single and Kandi suing her, using her buddy, Phaedra Parks, as her attorney. Since then, Kandi met the love of her life, Todd Tucker, when they went on a trip in Africa in season 4 and recently got married this year. Her mom, however, keeps interfering in her personal life and wreaks havoc among those who get too close to her daughter. Mama Joyce, as the song in Kandi’s musical goes, let them love.


Phaedra Parks (Season 3-present)- Phaedra, a self-proclaimed Southern Belle, came on the show and immediately ruffled the feathers of almost all her cast mates. In her first season, she was pregnant with her son, Ayden, and was newly married to her two-time convicted felon husband, Apollo Nida. When her cast mates asked her how far along she was in her pregnancy, she told them 6 months when she was clearly in her last month of pregnancy. She expected her cast members (and the viewers) to believe her when she told them that her baby was ready to be delivered at 6 months. Phaedra, it’s okay to have been pregnant before you got married. By season 5, she clashed with new comer, Kenya Moore, and thus the show’s biggest, longest and most exhausting feud was born. Slowly as the show continued, her southern belle facade began to chip away and by season 6 it was pretty obvious to see who Phaedra Parks really is. Her husband is currently in jail for the second time, serving an 8 year sentence. Not to mention, she’s now forced to raise 2 little boys by herself. But she’ll do fine. Despite everything, she’s a good mother, and that is her only redeeming quality.


Cynthia Bailey (Season 3-present)- This New York bombshell sashayed her way on the show, recently moved to Atlanta to be with the love of her life, now-husband, Peter Thomas. She quickly became friends with Nene, who helped plan her engagement, and got married to her husband by the end of the season. She adored Nene so much that she wrote up a friend contract that creeped out a lot of the other women…and viewers. Cynthia also brought style to the show like never before. Out of all the women, she’s definitely the most versatile in the style department, but then again, she is a supermodel. During her time on the show, Cynthia has been a bit of a controversial figure to a lot of the women in the group, mostly due to her very opinionated husband. Peter wasn’t afraid to give his two cents and butt into the women’s problems but as Cynthia clearly points out, “He’s wearing a mic, so obviously he’s expected to talk.” Currently, Cynthia is no longer friends with Nene because she felt that the respect wasn’t reciprocated in their friendship. “The friend contract is dead!” Too bad, but she’s right.


Porsha WIlliams (Season 5-6, 7 recurring)- Porsha Williams, formerly Porsha Stewart, was the new comer in season 5. She was the granddaughter of civil rights leader, Hosea Williams, and was married to Kordell Stweart. Her marriage was brought into question multiple times due to the fact that her husband seemed to be very controlling over her. Despite that, she got along with everybody except her rival, Kenya Moore. In her first season, she had a certain light-hearted, fun loving ditziness to her and everybody felt bad for her as her marriage to Kordell came to an end. As season 6 continued to unfold, Porsha began to change and it was clear that she was not who she tried to portray herself to be: a God-fearing, conservative Christian. Her ignorance, some might say stupidity, became painful to watch (Underground Railroad anybody?) and she started to morph into everything she detested. She made fun of Kenya for having fake breasts and by the season 6 reunion, she got hers so blown up that they looked like they were ready to fly out of her mouth. Not to mention she was the first one to leave after Pillow Talk turned violent and was the first one to drag Kenya Moore across the reunion stage and then played the victim.


Claudia Jordan (Season 7-present)- Claudia is new to the group and I like her already. She’s mostly known for appearing as a model on the US versions of Deal or No Deal and The Price is Right. She also competed on Celebrity Apprentice on seasons 2 and 6. I follow her on Twitter and she’s very sweet to her fans and she’s not afraid to give a good read to those that come to hate. Those reads on Twitter have me cracking up. Season 7 has only aired 2 episodes so far but from the looks of the trailer she clashes with the irrelevant Porsha and the OG of the ATL, Nene, which is odd, considering Nene was Team Claudia a few years ago. Oh yeah, not to mention Claudia was so much more interesting than Porsha that she basically snatched that peach right out of her hand. I can see why Porsha might be unsettled about Claudia, sour peaches. Plus, she is 41 and she looks younger than Porsha.


Kenya Moore (Season 5-present)- Kenya is by far the most controversial Atlanta Housewife and probably the most controversial housewife of all time. She twirled her way on the show in season 5 and immediately made an enemy out of Cynthia. (Say no to coochie crack!) She took the show to new levels by the amount of drama she brings each week. Now, many don’t like Kenya, but I do. I think she’s hilarious and entertaining and makes for great TV. Not to mention she stole the show from Nene Leakes. There are some vulnerable moments that really humanizes Kenya, and those are the moments that I enjoy the most, because it reminds us, at least it reminds me, that she is a person and she does have feelings. She has literally rubbed every housewife on that show the wrong way, but the tides are turning and this season is proving to be one of vindication for Kenya. (Apollo finally admitted he lied about Kenya offering him sexual favors and seeing her in LA).


Nene Leakes (Season 1-present)- Nene is the OG of the ATL. She’s the only original housewife left standing. From the very first episode, it was apparent that Nene was going to be the breakout star. She has a larger than life personality and she’ll always make you laugh. Like Kenya, she is reality TV gold. Also like Kenya, she has bumped heads with virtually every housewife on the show, both past and present. In the first season it was hard not to feel sorry for her as she found out the man she knew all those years as her father, was not her father biologically. The show has opened many doors of opportunities for her: Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, The New Normal, Dancing with the Stars, and now she’s doing a stint on Broadway, playing the wicked stepmother of Cinderella alongside Keke Palmer. During the course of the show, all the success she had been receiving had put a damper on her marriage to husband Gregg, and they ended up divorced by the end of season 4. Not long after were they back together and by the beginning of season 6 they were re-married. In my opinion, the tides are turning against Mrs. Leakes. During the course of season 6 she’s had a very negative attitude towards a lot of the women, particularly Kenya, blaming her for the Pillow Talk fiasco and refusing to take any accountability for her part in it. This season she clashes with newcomer, Claudia. From what I’ve seen on the show, Nene tends to fight with those that take attention away from her. To quote Claudia, “That’s why you’re so bothered!”


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